“You” actor Mark Blum dies from complications of the coronavirus


(Photo via Netflix)

YOU star Mark Blum died of complications from contracting COVID-19 coronavirus.

The actor was 69 years old when he passed away, leaving behind his wife and fellow actor Janet Zarish, who has appeared in shows like Seinfeld and Law & Order.

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Blum played alongside Penn Badgely in the Netflix series as the former boss of Badgely, Mr. Mooney. He also had roles in Crocodile Dundee, Frazier, The Sopranos, Law & Order and more.

The actor was a major figure in the New York theater community, and many members expressed their respect. New York theater company Playwrights Horizons confirmed the tragic news.

With love and a heavy heart, Playwrights Horizons pays tribute to Mark Blum, a dear old friend and an accomplished artist who passed this week. Thanks, Mark, for everything you brought to our theater and to theaters and audiences around the world. We will miss you. pic.twitter.com/NMVZFB5hPb

– Playwrights Horizons (@phnyc) March 26, 2020

A host of other actors and celebrities have paid their respects to Bloom online since the news broke. Family members have also shared their thoughts.

Mark Blum, so generous, so friendly, so humble, so talented. Our time together in the play The Assembled Parties at MTC was a real pleasure
May he rest in peace knowing that he has changed the lives of so many and has been cherished by so many; me among them

– JudithLight (@JudithLight) March 26, 2020

Discovered a great actor and man I was lucky enough to be in one of my plays died of #coronavirus this morning. He was not old. He was one of the most respected actors in New York: a beacon of fierce intelligence, dry humor and deep kindness on stage and beyond. A tragic loss.

– Jack Canfora (@JackCanfora) March 26, 2020

There are actors whose names appear in the announcement of a play, and you immediately think, without knowing details: this will be worth the work to see. Mark Blum was of that beautiful caliber. Let me believe every time I saw him. It is terrible to read about his death.

– Peter Marks (@petermarksdrama) March 26, 2020

Sharon Waxman informed me about this very hard news today. I am so sad for his family and for his fans. he was a great actor and a very good and kind man. May you rest in peace and power. God bless you. https://t.co/r0QUGEYwVK

– Rosanna Arquette🌎✌🏼 (@RoArquette) March 26, 2020

My uncle, Mark Blum, has known many people on stage over the years. But to me, he was just Uncle Mark. As you can imagine, my family is devastated. Reading tweets and seeing how many people loved and respected him is more special than you’ll ever know. pic.twitter.com/PaB5X401Vq

– Awkward-esque (@awkward_ish) March 26, 2020

One of our Mozart in the Jungle family died this morning from the corona virus. Mark Blum was a really great actor, but more importantly, he was a funny, sensitive and beautiful man. REST IN PEACE. – Malcolm pic.twitter.com/fapOBe6WYp

– Malcolm McDowell (@McDowellMalc) March 26, 2020

When I was in drama school, Mark Blum was exactly the kind of actor I wanted to be: constantly on duty, highly respected, totally human. Stripped of his death. His wife Janet Zarish was my acting teacher at NYU. They were the most beautiful couple. My heart breaks for her. https://t.co/J7MvHutdge

– Josh Radnor (@JoshRadnor) March 26, 2020

We wish the best for the van Blum family during this difficult time.

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