World Health Organization, Facebook, Microsoft joins COVID-19 hackathon

World Health Organization, Facebook, Microsoft joins COVID-19 hackathon

The World Health Organization (WHO) has teamed up with tech giants to launch a coronavirus-type hackathon to develop technologies useful for those affected by the pandemic.

On Tuesday, WHO, along with Microsoft, Facebook, Giphy, Pinterest, Slack, TikTok, Twitter and WeChat, said the global hack # BuildforCOVID19 “is an opportunity for developers to create impact-driven software solutions.” social, with the aim of addressing some of the challenges related to the current coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). ”

The coronavirus outbreak has resulted in more than 435,000 confirmed writing cases worldwide.

Because many developers are moving home or remotely, technology giants are urging them to use their talent and come up with local and international solutions to some of the challenges posed by COVID-19.

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“Given the current isolation in communities right now, we want to create an online space where developers can come up with, experiment with and create software solutions to help address this crisis,” say companies.

Participants have topics and problems provided by the WHO and the Chan Zuckerberg Biohub and can design solutions with “technologies of their choice.” This includes:

  • Ways to support frontline healthcare workers
  • Support the elderly and vulnerable in the community
  • How to scale telemedicine
  • Solutions to reduce the mental impact of social isolation
  • Alternative learning environments for students
  • Entertainment

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Each participating company provides resources for developers. In a public post, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said:

“Hackathons have always been a big part of brainstorming new ideas and projects on Facebook: Functions like Blood Donations and Crisis Resolution were first created during hackathons and are now used by millions of people around the world. world. I hope some prototypes and useful ideas will come out as well. ”

Project submissions are open Thursday, but if you are interested, you can sign up now. At the time of writing, about 2,000 developers have already signed up.

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The general deadline for ideas – which should include a two-minute video advance on YouTube or Vimeo – is March 30. The projects accepted for the scheme will be announced on April 3.

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