Why do we all expand and not open?

Why do we all expand and not open?

Remember when Skype was all the rage? People were shot. The establishment was a thing.

But now that the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has limited people inside and working from home, Skype, Skyping, and Skyped are oddly in the discussion. Instead, people are zooming in by the thousands.

Zoom is now the rage.

So what happened to Skype? How has the digital ball been so bad that we are now zooming in and not closing?

I had my suspicions, but decided to ask both my Twitter followers and my ZDNet family for their ideas.

It soon became apparent why Skype has dropped to the side, and Zoom is, well, zoom in, with three prominent areas above the rest.

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First of all, zoom is much easier to use than Skype. And I don’t mean you and me here, I mean all the usual Joes and Josephines out there who don’t find it so easy.

The muggles.

Non-technical people.

And really the Zoom is easy to use, so much so that I’m impressed. I’ve got all kinds of people to use it with very little friction. People with an ideal app would only have one button and that button would be pre-pressed. Zooming in is nearing maximum, but it has powerful features under the hood for those who understand how to zoom.

Downloading Zoom is a doddle, installing it painlessly and getting people to a meeting is as easy as sending them a link.

It really is not much easier than zooming.

Second, the mistakes.

Yes, I also noticed.

Skype applications have not been the most reliable applications, whether on the desktop or mobile. I have used it on various platforms (Windows, Mac, iOS and Android) and they have all caused headaches. I wouldn’t rate Skype as the worst application I’ve ever used, but it was always something I couldn’t trust and trusted completely.

Skype’s apps are also pretty bloated and updates would scratch my head trying to figure out how to do something that didn’t go wrong before the upgrade. Mistakes will take a long time to be fixed and more errors will occur.

Third, spam.

Skype has a big problem with spam. Every time I open Skype (which is certainly not so often these days), there are always a lot of spammy detritus to waste.

Skype is not a program I would like to give to people who are not used to handling spam content.

Some people also mentioned the idea that Skype was a service ahead of its time, and since launching in 2003 it has gone through a lot of hands and gone from a hybrid peer-to-peer service to a client-server one before ‘finish. in the hands of Microsoft. This is a long way to go for a service and users, along with their expectations, have changed a lot over these 16 years.

What are your experiences with Skype and Zoom? Which one do you use? Because? Let me know below.