White Claw Enters the Premium Vodka Industry, Here’s Why

When it comes to alcoholic beverages, the premium vodka industry is big business in many cases. However, the wider industry as a whole doesn’t entirely share the same fate. In line with this, certain areas of the industry have seen a slump in recent times. Such seems to have been the case for White Claw, which has recently announced its plans to release branded products in the premium vodka field.

About the Brand

White Claw is a specialist hard seltzer producer, focusing heavily on creating premium guilt-free drinks. It offers a range of different seltzers across several flavors to an international audience.

The firm launched in 2016 and is part of the wider Mark Anthony Group, which holds approximately 48.3% of the RTD (ready-to-drink) mixed spirits production market. Of this, it represents around 45% of all on-premise hard seltzers, indicating the company’s large scale overall.

Breaking Into New Markets

White Claw is renowned for its role as a premium hard seltzer brand. However, the market faced a highly turbulent time recently. Thus, this may have encouraged the business to diversify into novel types of beverages.

White Claw has increased its product range to include its recently-announced premium Vodka RTD. This represents a major overhaul of the business’s previously established focus. However, while the timing is well-planned, this isn’t hastily made. In fact, as the Mark Anthony Group’s CEO explained in a press release, the product has been in development for over a decade. The overarching intention has been to establish a minimalistic array of flavors and aromas overall.

Thus far, the range is only in North America, despite White Claw operating multi-nationally. The drinks are offered in four different types, depending on the customer’s individualized preferences:

  • Unflavored
  • Pineapple
  • Mango
  • Black cherry

This represents a critical shift for the business model. Looking ahead, the development of this new vodka line will likely represent numerous intriguing opportunities overall.

As White Claw enters the premium vodka industry, let’s switch gears and explore how boundaries are being pushed with the announcement of the beer-powered motorcycle.

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