When’s the glittering joy of Netflix on Marie Kondoga? – How to apply

When's the glittering joy of Netflix on Marie Kondoga? - How to apply

Marie Kondo is continuing her mission of rebuilding American homes as she returns with the brand new Netflix series.

A Japanese consultant, renowned for his organizational skills, heads to America for a small town with the aim of “sparkling pleasure”.

So when will it be turned on? And what can viewers expect?

Get ready to feel guilty about this messy drawer you just don’t clean. Here’s all we know about the new show …

When is the glittering pleasure turned on by Marie Kondo?

Series release date has not yet been confirmed.

Netflix only recently announced news on its Twitter page as they updated fans on some of their show updates including Love Is Blind, The Circle and Rhythm + Flow.

Next to the clip, they wrote: “Some news: Love Is Blind ~ and ~ The Circle have both been updated for two more seasons! @iamcardib @chancetherapper & @Tip is back in Judge Rhythm + Stream Season 2 over Judges! Marie Kondo and her team plan to clean up a small American town in the new Sparking Joy series! “

Some news:

Love is dark ~ and ~ The circle has been renewed for two more seasons! @iamcardib @chancetherapper & @Tip is back in Judge Rhythm + Stream Season 2 over Judges!

Marie Kondo and her team intend to tidy up the American small town in the new series Sparking Joy! pic.twitter.com/KoC4PUkhVs

– Netflix USA (@netflix) March 24, 2020

What is Sparkling Joy?

The upcoming “Joy with Marie Kondo” will follow Kondo and her team as they embark on an American small town, bringing joy to new ways.

The series marks Kondo’s second Netflix show after last year’s hugely successful film “Organizing with Marie Kondo”, for which she received an Emmy nomination.

How can you get involved?

Although no release date has been confirmed, there is good news as you might be able to name your city as the forerunner of a new series.

Currently, casting calls are open to find Kondo the perfect small town (in America) where Kondo can use her life-changing charm.

“I have fun news to share… I’m working on a new show with @netflix and @alfredstreetindustries! My goal and that of my team is ambitious: to clean up a small town that deserves joy and change. You can submit your city for consideration by visiting my profile link. I can’t wait to hear what you imagine for your community! #TidyMyTown #SparkingJoy, ”Kondo announced on his Instagram page with a video clip.

So if you want to show up with your city, all you have to do is jump to tidymytown.com and fill out the application form.

It is a rather extensive form, including questions about its city goals, its history, what makes it a unique community, and what public spaces could actually be used for cleaning up.

Applicants must also submit a five to 10-minute video showing why their city deserves redevelopment.

And this video must include interviews with at least one member of the community who has “leadership.”

But potential contestants need to keep in mind that this could give them a chance to clean up and take responsibility for their city – think of all the local celebrities!

Who is Marie Kondo?

Marie is an organization expert and KonMari Media, Inc. founder, who became a worldwide name with his world-renowned book, The Life-changing Magic of Harvesting: The Art of Disintegration and Organization in Japan.

You can buy his book at Amazon for £ 7.85 or get it for free with a free trial.

Last year he released his TV show Tidying up Marie Kondo on Netflix.

What is Marie Kondo Cleaning?

Organizing with Marie Kondo is the consultant’s debut series on Netflix. This was hugely successful and led to Marie becoming a popular name in the United States.

She sees a cleaning expert visiting different families to help them clean and tidy up their home.

The official summary reads: “In a series of eight episodes, Marie Kondo guides people at the crossroads, but is ready to deal with the disturbances that plague them to bring joy to their homes and change their lives in emotional and surprising ways.”

Sparking Joy with Marie Kondo is coming to Netflix soon. Organizing with Marie Kondo is available on Netflix. If you want to watch more, check out our TV Guide.