When does Wonder Woman 1984 come out?

When does Wonder Woman 1984 come out?

If you’re one of the many superhero fans who regret a little for the highly anticipated sequel to Warner Bros. ‘ Wonder Woman, then we have some good news. Despite participating in the multitude of films that have been pushed back due to theater closures during the coronavirus pandemic, Wonder Woman 1984 has a new release date! Originally intended for premiere on June 5, the film will now (hopefully) hit theaters on August 14.

Back in July, the studio revealed that the sequel, which will take place during the Cold War in the 1980s, would not hit theaters until December 13, 2019. Then Warner Bros. decided. set the date up by a month, instead choose November 1, 2019. And then, in October 2018, ET reported that DC Comics’ follow-up was shed a lot, way back to June 5, 2020. Then, of course, the film industry hit a roadblock when the coronavirus struck, leading to many movie premieres of the spring and early summer ice cream – included Wonder Woman 1984. Talk about an emotional roller coaster.

Fortunately, the movie is relaunched just a few months after its last release date, and it’s a pretty optimistic move. Most films are delayed indefinitely, but at least there’s light at the end of the tunnel for Diana and company. Until August 14, we will have the thought that Diana will reunite with Steve Trevor to keep us going!