New WhatsApp Updates: Advanced Features Facilitate Easier Messaging and Calls

For the last couple of years, WhatsApp has rolled out many new functions to better the experience of its users. Recent additions allow you to use one account on several gadgets, modify texts, and secure specific conversations, among other things. Now, aiming to make communication even simpler, they have brought in two notable changes – the feature to text numbers without having to save them and the chance to kick off group calls with as many as 15 individuals at once.

Messaging Without Saving Contacts

WhatsApp has made it simpler to send messages by removing the necessity to save numbers in your contact list first. So, now, you can text directly to any number without saving it.

Here’s the easy way: At first, you need to go to your WhatsApp’s main page. Look at the button for new texts. If you’re using an Android phone, it’s a small green icon at the bottom right. For iPhone owners, it’s at the top right. Then, press the button used for search and punch in the number you’d like to send a message to. As soon as you select the chat option that appears next to the search entry, you’re all set up to start sending texts. The person’s number you’re texting will be labeled as “Not in your contacts”. Close to this label, next to their profile picture, there will be a ‘chat’ option allowing you to kick-start your chat. This fresh feature will soon become accessible to every WhatsApp user within the upcoming weeks. Previously, to message an unsaved number, you had to either pick an already available chat or key in an internet address into an online browser. Yet, with this new enhancement, messaging people without having their numbers saved just got a lot easier and quicker.

Increased Group Call Limit

In another noteworthy update, WhatsApp has increased the number of participants that can be initiated into a group voice or video call. The recent beta version v2.23.15.14 now allows you to begin a voice or video call with up to 15 participants, up from the previous limit of 7. The total group call limit on the platform, however, remains unchanged at 32. For groups larger than 15, you will have to add the remaining participants manually after the call starts. An alternative workaround is to create and share a WhatsApp call link in the group ahead of time. This enhanced group call limit is currently being tested on the latest beta release, and some users have reported seeing it on their accounts.

How to Access the New Features

The recent updates to WhatsApp are designed to make chatting easier, including sending messages to numbers not in your contacts and starting group calls simpler. You can get these new features by updating the app on the Google Play Store for Android devices or the Apple App Store for those using iOS. For those who use Windows PCs, you can download WhatsApp from the Microsoft Store or use it via your web browser. To enjoy these superior features and upcoming changes, consider becoming a beta tester for WhatsApp on the Play Store, or download the newest beta version from APKMirror. So, as WhatsApp works on improving its service, users can anticipate even more interesting and easy-to-use features in times to come.

Stay Ahead with Beta Program

Want to use fresh features immediately after they’re checked and before everyone else gets them? You should consider being part of WhatsApp’s Beta Program. This program lets you use the most recent updates, improvements, and new options before they’re out for everyone. The Beta Program members can also share their thoughts and suggestions, meaning they’re a massive part of making WhatsApp features better and improving the overall experience for all users.


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