What causes us all this pain

Who is with me Getting older can be a pain. Well all of it. A different part of the body seems to hurt every day. I cannot be alone. I really don’t.

Here we all get older and get injured. Sometimes it is because we have overexerted ourselves. Maybe we had a lot of heavy lifting the other day. Maybe we forgot to lift our legs. I mean it happens.

According to a new survey, do you know how we hurt ourselves? The funny thing is that this does not actually require physical activity. You literally do it in your sleep. Yes, we sleep in the wrong position.

We wake up the next morning with possibly a little neck pain. Or my lower back for me. It usually feels better in a few days or I need to see my favorite chiropractor. Once I get my “Attitude Adjustment” as I call it. This pain disappears.

Have you ever had a long experience sitting at your desk? Of course you did. I can only imagine. The moment you get up, it takes a moment to stop the pain. It looks like I can’t even stand upright for a few moments.

You may even be able to set a reminder or alarm on your phone. Get up and move. Even if it should only go to the toilet. At least get moving. We do so many other things that hurt our bodies … we might as well try to control those we can.