WEEK 20 – Leifert try one more time to wake up Roberto and friends: “to Play well”

WEEK 20 - Leifert try one more time to wake up Roberto and friends:

It’s a commendable effort from the presenter of the “WEEK 20” to alert you to some of the participants that they are not just as beloved by the public as much as you think. Tiago Leifert has since followed up with alerts on the education of the general public.

He did so on the day of the elimination of Pyong, and repeated his warning on the eve of the final farewell to the island. Both of them were part of the same group, was formed, also, by Law, Gizelly, Thelma, Ivy, Rafa, and Maintenance, which are deemed to be superior to other people.

On Thursday (the 26th), before the start of the event to the leader, and Leifert, returned to give a message, really excellent. After the warning the pair to whom he was going to vote, he said, ” the more teaching as possible for the children participating:

“The worst pair of today, it is on the wall. So, to play as well. To focus on it. You may not be feeling threatened right now, but you will know what you are thinking, isn’t it? As we have seen in the past couple of weeks. They play hard and don’t stay in the past.

The event was divertidíssima, by the way. The lack-of-way pair formed by the I and Him and Her and the Babu has ensured excitement right to the end. The two women were lost.

Only on Sunday we will see the game in full. I hope that at least one member of the group, Roberto, is in the hot seat. It will be an opportunity for them to reflect on the words of Tiago Leifert.

The B-side to the BBB