Watch Mike Herrera turn Goldfingers ‘Superman’ into a poignant ballad

Watch Mike Herrera (MxPx) turn Goldfinger's

The coronavirus pandemic has led many of us to pause our lives literally and psychologically. Now Mike Herrera (known for his time in the punk band MxPx) shares his reflections with the world on “Superman”. It is a cover of the Goldfinger song everyone loved while playing the classic video game Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater.

“So here I am … to play a song that means the world, not just to myself, but to so many Goldfinger and Tony Hawk Pro Skater fans out there,” said Herrera. “I wanted to do this justice and put my own experience into this new version of an incredible song. I really hope this helps everyone who listens through their own personal struggles and the collective madness we all face right now. To enjoy.”

The track was recorded at Herrera’s home studio in Waco, Texas, where he and his family have a great time in self-isolation. (The rest of MxPx is still in Bremerton, Washington.) It’s the first new music we’ve heard from him since the release of several digital singles last year (“A Thousand More Times,” “Don’t Walk Away “,” Don’t Walk Away “). Lights out”).

The accompanying video is a montage of personal and professional highlights. You can see Herrera on the way, twinned with its buds. There’s some street work and ass kicking as you play bass on Goldfinger’s final tour. The clip is a celebration of a punk rock lifer and all the fun that has arisen. He describes it as’ some good times with my band, my friends and family. Happy moments in life. ‘

‘Superman’ will be available on all streaming platforms tonight at midnight (Friday, March 27). We are sure that John Feldmann certainly approves it, just as your heart will. Watch and listen below.

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