Watch MGK and Travis Barker start a “Riot!” With the classic Paramore cover

MGK/Travis Barker

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Machine gun Kelly remains the busiest man in music during this quarantine. He gave us content from solo every day NirvanaSmells Like Teen Spirit appears on the website YUNGBLUD show. But there’s one thing that MGK, like the rest of us, just can’t stop: that sweet, nostalgic pop punk from 2000.

After riffs ParamoreMachine Mis Kelly is now working together on “S Misery Business” last week Travis Barker, Omer Fedi and Steve “Baze” Basil for full coverage of the Hayley Williams classic.

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It was almost too good to be true then. MGK, with his friend Omer, hang out and jam with Paramore. MGK said he would learn a new song every day during coronavirus quarantine.

He gave us a cover of it red hot chili peppersCalifornication, Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit and Juice WRLDLucid Dreams. But the biggest was certainly the classic “Misery Business” intro.

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Well, MGK knows you have to give people what they want. The world awaited when MGK tweeted that he dropped a Barker cover today.

did a cover with @travisbarker that I drop tomorrow.

guess any number?

– colson (@machinegunkelly) March 26, 2020

Well, MGK, Barker and the crew showed a live music video of them jamming in their separate areas on the iconic Paramore song.

The video shows MGK rocking a smooth pink guitar with the word ‘I’m selling tickets for my fall’ on the body. Tickets to my doom is the upcoming Barker-produced pop-punk album by MGK. Could this be a cover of the album? Who knows, but we know it’s good.

Check it out below.

(embed) (/ embed)

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It seems that this corona virus quarantine keeps everyone flowing their creative juices. Earlier this week, Travis Barker did his best Tom DeLonge impression and has continuously hit a storm on social media.

It’s strange that the cover of MGK and Travis Barker comes out not long after Hayley Williams criticized the song. The popular, yet controversial, lyrics have not aged well.

In fact, Paramore decided to stop it live in 2018. Earlier in March, Williams responded to the song in a social media post.

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In a post on her Instagram story, Williams thanked Spotify for including her recent single “Simmer” in their Women Of Rock playlist. But she also noted that “Misery Business” was there as well.

“SIMMER” is in this playlist. thx @spotify, ”says Williams. “But ‘Misery Business’ too. I know it’s one of the band’s biggest songs, but it shouldn’t be used to promote anything that has to do with women’s empowerment or solidarity. I’m so proud of the career from Paramore, it’s not about shame. It’s about growth and progress … and while it will always be a fan favorite, we don’t have to include it on playlists in 2020. ”

View the post here.

Does this MGK cover send you back to your heyday, or would you like people to stop playing this song at all? Tell us in the comments below.

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