UW students may request “S / U” grading for the spring semester

UW students may request

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CASPER, Wyo. – Students from the University of Wyoming have the opportunity to change to a “satisfactory / unsatisfactory” grade for the current semester.

A statement from the University of Wyoming sent out Thursday afternoon said the decision was made by UW’s Board of Trustees on March 26. According to the statement, the decision was made amid concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic and the university’s plan to move all courses online by the end of March.

Students have until mid-April to make the change to “S / U” classification.

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Here is the full UW statement:

Students from the University of Wyoming have the opportunity to switch from conventional letter grades to “satisfactory / unsatisfactory” grading for courses they take in the current Spring 2020 semester.

UW’s board approved the change today (Thursday) in response to a recommendation from the university administration. The plan was the result of UW’s transition to online course delivery March 30 for the remainder of the spring semester, prompted by concern over the new coronavirus COVID-19.

“We believe that the optional” S / U “or” pass / fail “rating strategy will facilitate the necessary transitions to distance delivery due to the COVID-19 pandemic, relieve unnecessary stress and promote strong engagement,” says Kate Miller.

Students have until April 17 to submit requests to switch from conventional grading to “S / U” grading under the new policy that applies to all undergraduate and graduate programs, not just elective courses.

Undergraduate students are required to consult and get approval from their instructors and academic advisors before making the change. Graduate students must receive approval from their top professors. An exception request to change their grading option will be available at the office of the registrar’s website and must be completed by students and electronically signed / approved by their advisors or major professors.

Existing university regulations allow students to request “S / O” grading for elective courses during the normal drop-add period, which ended Feb. 5 this semester. The Board’s action is a temporary exception extending the deadline to apply for “S / U” grades only until April 17 for this semester.

As is the case at many universities, “S / U” grading has long been available as an opportunity for UW students to take courses in disciplines outside of their majors and related fields, so that their academic experience can be extended without harm. their grade -point average. But with the transition to online education this semester, UW makes “S / U” grading an opportunity for students to take all undergraduate and graduate programs, including general education courses – not just elective courses.

Neither a “satisfactory” nor an “unsatisfactory” grade affects the student’s GPA. However, an “unsatisfactory” grade does not allow the student to receive the course.

“If students are applying to graduate school, including professional schools, or if their lives are not dramatically disturbed by the coronavirus crisis, it may be advantageous for them to stay by conventional grading and have letter grades displayed and calculated in their GPAs,” Miller says. “Students must discuss possible consequences of federal assistance with their counselors and / or the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid before requesting the change.”

UW is one of many universities expanding the use of this opportunity due to the transition to online education due to COVID-19 in the spring 2020 semester. Others include Colorado State University, University of Nebraska, Iowa State University, University of Minnesota, Indiana University, University of Maryland, Georgetown University and Duke University.

University of Wyoming Statement March 26, 2020