twenty one pilots are the second rock band to break this streaming record

twenty one pilots

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twenty one pilots just wrote a piece of history. The hyper-popular duo just became the second rock band to ever hit more than one billion-dollar stream Spotify.

The most recent song to reach their goal was their 2016 hit “Heathens”.

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It is rare for artists of any genre to have only one song with over a billion streams. In fact, fewer than 100 musicians are currently on the list.

twenty one pilots already achieved that feat with their hugely popular “Stressed Out”. That song came out in 2015 and it still seems to be playing in the background wherever you go.

twenty one pilots have been relatively quiet ever since Trench dropped in 2018. But that doesn’t stop fans from playing their tunes over and over again.

Now we know for sure that you really wanted to know why they are the second rock group to have delivered this huge achievement. Well, that’s through Imagine Dragons.

Imagine dragons being musically silent since their album Origins came out in 2018. Of course they dropped a few collabs here and there, but nothing as monumental as “Believer” and “Thunder.” Those are the two billion streamed songs that led Imagine Dragons to achieve this feat first.

Unfortunately for twenty one pilot fans, the draw won’t last forever because “Radioactive” is also close to a billion.

Given the popularity of both groups, we are sure that by the end of the day, one will not be completely in charge of the other.

If you are wondering, in the grand scheme of Spotify streams for groups, the Chainsmokers leading the way with three songs over a billion streams. One is their hit “Closer” with Halsey.

For the record, solo artists with a song of over a billion streams include Post Malone, Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran.

Congratulations to twenty one pilots. This achievement is well deserved. Please give us some more music so we can give you a billion more streams.

More than twenty one pilots

twenty one pilot fans are a different breed. Between hilarious baby mashups and cryptic theories based on color, the TOP fandom is constantly on the go.

Now a dedicated member of the Skeleton Clique has brought us back to the 90’s by recreating “Fall Away” as a Game Boy hymn.

Just because twenty one pilots are not dropping new songs at the moment doesn’t mean we can’t get new sounding material thanks to the internet. A great fan decided to turn ‘Fall Away’ from the 11-year-old self-titled debut of twenty one pilots into something that sounds closer to 25 years.

The reimagined song takes us straight back to the late 1990s, complete with ice-cold cans and a pantry full Dunkaroos.

We sit on the living room floor desperately trying to get Team Rocket’s Silph Scope while Kenan & Kel play softly in the background.

“Fall Away” captures that nostalgia and you wish you could restart The Legend Of Zelda one more time.

The maker mentions that they did not include the verses because it was difficult to determine the notes for each word. Check out the fan-made twenty one pilots “Fall Away” GameBoy track below. [/ embed]

Which twenty one pilot song did you listen to the most? Tell us in the comments below!

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