TuttoFood 2023 in Milano

When it comes to the food and agricultural industries, there’s no doubt the TuttoFood event is one of the biggest names internationally. And, for this year, it’s representing a benchmark for sustainable innovation overall.

Running from May Eight to May Eleventh, the event is set to host a huge amount of exciting talks, and with thousands of brands in attendance, it’s set to be one of the biggest food and agricultural events of the year. No wonder, then, that the event has garnered such massive hype and excitement among both industry and stakeholders alike.

History of TuttoFood

The TuttoFood festival is one of the most highly regarded modern international events for food and agricultural industry businesses, drawing in hundreds of thousands of visitors. The event is largely overseen by Fiera Milano, who has grown to become one of Italy’s leading trade fair organizers. The overarching goal of TuttoFood remains to create a platform showcasing the latest trends and innovations in field overall.

Over the years, the biennial celebration has grown into one of the most important food and beverage trade fairs in Europe. It often attracts thousands of exhibitors, making it one of the biggest names for brands in the field – especially those looking to push the limits and make a significant mark on the industry.

However, it’s not just about showcasing new and exciting developments but also offers a plethora of conferences, workshops, and cooking demonstrations for guests to enjoy.

Upcoming Sights for the 2023 Event

With the first day of the event on us already, anticipation for TuttoFood Milan is hot, and it seems highly likely that the scheduled talks, speakers, and activities aren’t going to disappoint.

In total, around two thousand, five hundred brands are representing themselves at the event, coming from forty six different nations. Some of the countries with the most representation at the event include Spain, Greece, Romania, the Netherlands, and Germany, although newcomers to the event include businesses from South Africa, Sweden, the Faroe Islands, and Saudi Arabia.

With such massive diversity at the event, it’s clear that there’s going to be a wealth of different opportunities to see for guests. However, perhaps the biggest source of anticipation comes from the 800 profiled buyers in attendance, who have been carefully selected by Fiera Milano and the ICE Agency. The vast majority of buyers come from the Americas, although Europe follows closely behind. Thereafter, around 36% of the buyers come from Asian, CIS, Middle Eastern, and African countries.  

One massive change comes in the creation of the new Green Trail pathway, which offers a simple way for exhibitors to showcase plant-based, net-zero, or eco-friendly products. Estonia is one of the most well-represented countries in this particular section, as well as Ireland, France, and Germany.

Without a doubt, the deals made during the next few days will likely shape the future of shopping for buyers internationally, plus the opportunities for big brands. As such, it will undoubtedly be an event to watch, and food industry businesses and food lovers alike will certainly be watching with great interest as the days progress.

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