Triscuit confirms that its name * stands for ‘electric biscuit’

Triscuit confirms that its name * stands for 'electric biscuit'

Triscuit’s name has nothing to do with the number of layers the cracker has – it’s actually a portmanteau of two completely unexpected words.

According to the company, its name actually came from “electric power.” The real name of the snack was revealed in response to a Twitter thread from writer Sage Boggs.

A few years ago I was at a party (BRAG!), And I saw a box of Triscuits. I asked everyone, “What does the word ‘Triscuit’ mean? It’s obviously based on the word” BISCUIT, “but what does” TRI “mean? (I’m good at parties.)

– Sage Boggs (@sageboggs) March 26, 2020

Boggs emailed the parent company Nabisco, after trying to guess where the name “Triscuit” came from.

“There are no surviving business records that specifically explain the sources of inspiration for the word Triscuit,” the company told Boggs in an email. “But we do know that the name was chosen as a fun derivation of the word ‘biscuit.’ ‘TRI’ does not mean 3. ”

Boggs, “settling in” and still investigating, did some digging and compiled Triscuit’s original announcements.

I was blown away. And I can’t stand not knowing. So I did a little clearing up online, and stumbled upon some earlier Triscuit commercials. Check out these bad boys:

– Sage Boggs (@sageboggs) March 26, 2020

Triscuit’s early seller, Boggs said, was “electric baked” – the company had run out of Niagara Falls and accelerated the manufacturing process since invention.

Elec-TRI-city bike


– Sage Boggs (@sageboggs) March 26, 2020

That is, Boggs realized, “Triscuit” means “elec-TRI-city bi-SCUIT.”

It’s mind blowing.

Triscuit confirmed the accomplishment in a tweet tweet on Thursday.

And we are all blessed with this beautiful meme.

So there is your daily fun fact to keep you entertained while social.

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