Tina Turner’s Death Celebrated Internationally

Tina Turner is one of the most beloved names in the rock industry – however, the world has no doubt been shocked with news of her sudden passing. Indeed, despite being aged eighty three when she died, Tina’s amazing life often leaves people remembering her feats and exceptional achievements. And, considering she was active right up until the end, it’s safe to say that Tina Turner’s music will see her go down in history as an undeniable icon of the music world.

Who Was Tina Turner

Tina Turner was an exceptionally popular and talented music artist who was renowned around the world for being the so-called Queen of Rock n Roll. However, her career saw her turning her hand to almost everything, from soul to pop music and everything else in between too.

Tina Turner was born under the name of Anna Mae Bullock in 1939 and had a relatively turbulent early childhood as a result of the Second World War and being born an unwanted child. However, it wasn’t long before she began to find a passion for music, quickly joining her local Baptist church choir.

Later, Tina saw the performance of a man named Ike Turner, who had been playing with his band the Kings of Rhythm at Easy St Louis’s Manhattan Club. At this point, she asked if she could join the band, but Ike Turner went back on his word to call her to discuss it.

But she wasn’t done there. After managing to get hold of a microphone in the intermission, he finally began to recognize her talent and she became a featured vocalist for the band, alongside him.

After joining the band and achieving early success, Ike Turner later changed her name in publications to Tina, although her loved ones still knew her as Anna. Over the coming years, the duo would then go on to achieve early success – but Tina’s big break came when she decided to go it alone instead, becoming a solo artist.

Tina Turner continued to perform after her split, even appearing on camera in an interview very shortly before she died. Her career saw her achieving a Guinness World Record, twelve Grammy awards, and even a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Death and Legacy

The announcement of Tina Turner’s death came on 24th May 2023, with her publicist announcing that she had died peacefully at home after a long illness. It is now believed that she had been suffering from intestinal cancer, which in turn caused numerous complications to her health.

Tina lived in Kusnacht, which is relatively close by to Zurich in Switzerland – truly a relaxing and serene place. She herself expressed just several weeks prior that she wanted to be remembered for her music and as the Queen of Rock n Roll, and that’s unlikely to be changing anytime soon.

Tina Turner’s life was full of ups and downs, and she herself made a massive mark to many people – defining her legacy overall. Most notably, people will likely remember Tina Turner for her exceptional, powerful, and moving vocals – a skill that very few other artists can come anywhere near to possessing.

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