The San Francisco 49ers dominated the Minnesota Vikings to advance to the NFC championship game

If the Seahawks defeat the Packers on an expected snow-covered Lambeau field in Green Bay, Wishnowsky and Dickson will compete against each other in the 49ers’ Levi’s Stadium NFC championship game next Sunday.


Such a meeting between Wishnowsky and Dickson – both products of the Pro Kick Australia Punting Academy – would guarantee an Australian the jump to the Super Bowl on February 2nd in Miami.

The last time two Australian players fought for the NFC title was in 2009 when Ben Graham’s Arizona Cardinals won over Sav Rocca’s Philadelphia Eagles.

The Cardinals lost the Pittsburgh Steelers to the Super Bowl.

Wishnowsky had four punts against the Vikings.

He had an average of 46.5 yards per barge, two within the 20-yard line and a long of 56.

The 49ers’ defense dominated in the second half when the Vikings failed to score.

San Francisco’s quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo connected with 11 of 19 passes for 131 yards, a touchdown and an interception.

Viking quarterback Kirk Cousins ‚Äč‚Äčlanded 21 out of 29 passes for 172 yards, a landing and an interception.

The 49er defense dominated when they eliminated the Vikings in the second half and finally changed the game flow in the third quarter.

The 49ers ran 186 yards – including 105 and two Tevin Coleman touchdowns – to control the game, and their defense overwhelmed Minnesota in every way.

Corner Richard Sherman celebrates the 27th-10th after the victory of the 49ers against the Vikings

It was San Francisco’s first play-off win since beating the Carolina Panthers [23:10] on January 12, 2014 behind then quarterback Colin Kaepernick. This team lost the NFC championship game against the future Super Bowl champion. the seahawks.

The 49ers are a well-rounded team with impressive defenses, and things have gone well for them in the past few weeks. In the last game of the regular season, they were only a few centimeters from becoming number 5 and on the road as jokers. But the Seahawks could not have thrown the ball twice over the goal line if they won the game for Seattle and changed the play-off seed significantly.

With this critical win, the 49ers went to 13: 3 and secured first place on the grid. But then the New Orleans Saints, a dangerous opponent with a quarterback who won the Super Bowl, was beaten by Minnesota, a six, who only had five days to prepare for this game, and it was a mismatch.

San Francisco will also have one day more rest than its closest opponent – either the Seahawks or the Packers.

AAP, New York Times

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