The Last Kingdom Season 4 Release Date | Netflix cast, story & trailer

Shield walls ready! Netflix’s historic drama The Last Kingdom, based on Bernard Cornwell’s novel series The Saxon Stories, has been extended for a fourth season.

Here’s everything you need to know about The Last Kingdom’s fourth series – the expected release date, cast, plot information and the latest series news …

The show’s extension was announced on The Last Kingdom’s official Twitter page in December 2018.

In April 2019, Netflix confirmed that filming for the 10 new episodes had started. In July 2019, the series’ Instagram page invited fans to “join Uhtred on Netflix next year as the fight continues” 2020th

However, there is currently no specific information about when this could be.

What is The Last Kingdom about?

The series takes place in the 9th century AD and is based on Bernard Cornwell’s novels The Saxon Stories, with each season following the events of two books. Our hero is Uhtred, the son of Uhtred, a Saxon boy who was brought up by Danes after they captured him and decided to raise him as their own.

However, Uhtred later revealed that the Danes concluded that he had killed his adoptive father, the Danish warlord Ragnar the Elder. Uhtred is forced to travel to Wessex, the only one of the seven kingdoms (which we now call England) that is not under Danish control.

Upon his arrival, he offers his support to Wessex King Alfred – including knowledge of the Danes’ fighting strategies.

What will happen in season 4 – and who is in the cast?

The 2013 Pagan Lord and the next book to be adapted for the series leap forward a decade – which, if Netflix sticks to the timeline, means a new batch of young actors, including Uhtred’s children of Gisela, who are in the books are all grown up.

Alexander Dreymon is expected to return from Bebbanburg as Uhtred (who may look a little grayer), and given the broken alliances between the kingdoms, he believes the time has come to challenge his uncle Aelfric, who is played by Joseph Millson.

With them will be many of the returning actors, including Ian Hart (Father Beocca), Toby Regbo (Aethelred), Emily Cox (Brida), Timothy Innes (Child Edward), Eliza Butterworth (Aelswith), Mark Rowley (Finan) and Millie Brady (Aethelflaed), Magnus Bruun (Cnut) and Jeppe Beck Laursen (Haesten).

Netflix also confirmed this star from Prime Suspect 1973 Stefanie Martini will join the cast as Eadith, “Aethelred’s New Conquest of Love”.

Jamie Blackley (The Halcyon, If I Stay) is added to the cast as Aethelred’s new right man Eardwulf.

Is there a trailer for Season 4 of The Last Kingdom?

Not yet – check out this room – but let’s take a look behind the scenes of season four. Here is the production team working on a night shoot with the performers:

Where can I catch up with The Last Kingdom?

The first two seasons of The Last Kingdom aired on both the BBC and Netflix. The third season, however, is only available on Netflix after the BBC decided not to continue the historical drama.

Why can’t I see The Last Kingdom on the BBC?

Although the show started on BBC2 (and BBC America for US viewers), it has been produced exclusively for Netflix by Carnival Films, the producer of Downton Abbey, since the third series.