The Best Sales Systems in 2020 – Get the Right One for Your Business

The Best Sales Systems in 2020 - Get the Right One for Your Business

POS – The combination of hardware and software needed to accept mobile and card-based payments – is a pervasive component of business technology. But for many small business owners, choosing a POS provider can be a daunting task, as the market is baffled with hardware and software options for a variety of operating needs.

A standard POS system allows owners to accept credit and debit card payments in-store and on mobile devices. A good TP system will process all sales safely and has optional software to help you manage tasks and increase efficiency. Not only is the ideal POS system affordable and easy to use, it will also serve as a data collection and software hub for your business, with tools for billing, inventory tracking, sales, and cash flows. ‘marketing, marketing campaigns and customer habits.

POS can also help synchronize sales with endex accounting platforms, credit card payment processors, and route funds to your company’s bank account after each sale. Both POS hardware and software components will carry different fees, such as payment processing costs, equipment or rentals costs and software fees.

It really comes down to the needs of your business and the complexity of your inventory when deciding which sales system to go with. In this guide, we look at 10 sales systems to consider for your business.

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Square’s POS system is known for its simple pricing, minimalist hardware, and easy-to-use interface. Beyond standard payment acceptance, Square’s POS product offers a range of additional features, including customer relationship management, billing, customer loyalty, inventory and reporting, and analytics. Both Square’s POS app and its sales dashboard offer a variety of analytical reports, including statistics such as sales summaries, growth comparisons, hours spent, and employee sales. The company also offers free telephone support Monday through Friday and additional support via email, social media and live chat.

In terms of prices, merchants can get a chip card reader for free, or pay $ 49 for a reader who also makes contactless payments. Square also sells the iPad compatible Square Stand for $ 199 and the Square Register (which includes a screen, stand, and customer-facing screen for card and non-contact payments) for $ 799 plus transaction and processing costs . Square charges a 2.6% transaction fee for in-person payments. Manual card payments cost a bit more (3.5% plus 15 cents), as online and telephone transactions require a higher rate due to higher risks of fraud.

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Clover’s POS system is known for being extremely flexible and deeply integrated with its hardware. Clover has a number of integrated functions for business and sales management, and also offers a range of free applications that extend the capabilities of the software. It is noteworthy that Clover software does not work with third-party hardware, so merchants are forced to use Clover-branded devices. However, the system is being sold as a standalone automatic sales system, which allows merchants the freedom to choose a payment processor.

Clover Station’s multifunctional multimedia system, Clover Station, is the most expensive package, at a cost of around $ 1,150 for the fullest set of products. The Clover Mini, its other all-in-one POS system, retails for $ 599, and its Clover Flex card reader receives for $ 449. The most basic hardware offering is the Clover Go dongle, which retails for $ 69. In terms of customer service, Clover offers free telephone, email and customer service for its existing merchants.

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Lightspeed offers specialized retail outlets for restaurants, retail and e-commerce. Its cloud-based software enables companies to manage inventory and marketing, control sales, manage employees and process payments. The software also works with third-party platforms for additional marketing, customer loyalty, and employee management capabilities.

Lightspeed hardware is iPad-based, save on drawers, welcome printers, and barcode scanners available in packages or on demand through a variety of hardware vendors. The price depends on the package or package you choose, and most of the company requires a customer quote for accurate pricing. In general, their retail service costs $ 99 per month based on an annual contract or $ 119 per month without a contract. Ecommerce Lightspeed runs around $ 59 per month, and the Lightspeed restaurant sale service runs around $ 69 per month. In terms of support, the company has a 24-hour support team and can be accessed by phone, email and online chat.

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Vend is a cloud-based retail retailer system known for its ease of setup and customization. Vend offers a comprehensive analytics and reporting tool to help you manage sales, customer data, inventory and customer experience. Vend offers free customer service via email and live chat, while phone support costs $ 19 per month.

Vend’s POS software is designed to work on a variety of devices, including Macs, computers and iPads, and is compatible with a range of third-party hardware, including printer printers, barcode scanners, and cash drawers. Vend does not manage its own payment processing network and instead integrates with third-party systems including PayPal, Square and Vantiv. In terms of cost, Vend offers a Lite plan for $ 119 a month, a Pro plan for $ 159 a month, and an Enterprise plan that requires a customer budget.

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Shopify is known as an e-commerce platform provider, but the company also offers point-of-sale software for its small business retailers, in both online and brick-and-mortar operations. The POS product is tightly integrated with Shopify’s website platform and offers a range of analytics and information capabilities, including a sales, orders, and actionable traffic dashboard, along with sales and retail finance reports. .

Shopify’s POS software can work with Android or iOS devices, but the company also sells its own branded hardware for merchants, including a plug and chip card reader. A retail hardware package retails for $ 229. By software, Shopify POS starts at $ 29 per month, the most robust mid-level plan costs $ 79 per month, and the advanced plan starts at $ 299 per month. Shopify also offers 24-hour email and telephone support for its merchant POS customers.

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Toast makes a unique point of sale and restaurant management system. Toast’s technology platform combines restaurant, back, rear and face-to-face POS with a great third-party app. POS software also offers detailed analysis on things like net sales and labor costs, as well as support for loyalty programs, online ordering and digital gift cards.

The Toast-based Android hardware suite includes a 14-inch terminal, a three-to-one payment processing device and a printer hub. In terms of prices, Toast’s POS program costs $ 75 per terminal per month, plus additional taxes for the desired software add-ons. Toast manages its customers’ payment processing and promises a flat, transparent rate that varies by customer and card combination. Toast is also considered for its focus on customer service, which is available 24 hours a day across multiple channels. In addition, the company offers a deployment team that will configure and install Toast for customers.

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Revel offers an iPad-based retail and restaurant system with easy-to-use interface and extensive functionality. This POS system offers integrated customer management and inventory capabilities, along with an analytics application that tracks hourly sales, order history, payment and sales summaries, and product combinations. Other features include low stock alerts, integrated programming, and payroll registrations. Revel also offers 24-hour phone support for existing customers.

Revel POS software prices start at $ 99 a month per terminal. Customers can purchase additional hardware such as card readers and receipt printers from vendors such as Ingenico. Revel also offers a hardware and service rental program through Apple Financial Services to reduce upfront costs. Payment processing is available through Revel’s own service called Revel Advantage or through third-party processors.

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ShopKeep is an iPad-based retail and restaurant system that also manages customer information, marketing, inventory, staffing and payments. Additional features include custom reporting, the ability to view hourly sales, and track top customers. For employee management, ShopKeep offers workforce tracking, shift summaries, and performance reports.

ShopKeep charges businesses $ 69 per month per registration. Its software runs on an iPad, which the company sells along with other hardware used by its merchant base, including cash drawers, receipt printers, iPad closures, and credit card readers. ShopKeep is set up to act as a payment processor for its merchants and uses the Interchange Plus pricing method. It also works with most major payment processors. Customer support is available 24 hours a day through online chat and telephone.

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NCR Silver is an iPad-based retail system that offers ease of use, configuration and customization. The system offers robust reporting functionality, along with customer loyalty, email marketing, employee management and inventory management tools. Additional services such as accounting and accounting are available through partners like Intuit.

A basic NCR POS and hardware package costs $ 108 per month with a two-year contract. NCR’s monthly subscription price includes hardware and additional packages are available based on your business needs. The company does not provide credit processing and therefore works with several third party companies, which will add extra fees. As regards support, NCR offers 24/7 customer support over the phone, email, chat or text.

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QuickBooks Point of Sale system integrates closely with the company’s small business accounting platform, making it an attractive option for existing QuickBooks customers. In addition to calling sales and accepting payments, QuickBooks POS also offers robust customer and inventory management support. With real-time inventory management, users can see which products are selling best, the profits from each sale, and when it comes time to re-order the merchandise.

QuickBooks sells its POS software for a one time, one off cost. The basic plan, which allows users to sync with QuickBooks accounting software, accept payments, track inventory, create reports and sell buzzers, starts at $ 1,200 and does not include hardware. Additional plans with more functionality include the Pro plan, which costs $ 1,700 plus hardware, and the multi-store plan, which starts at $ 1,900. In terms of customer support, QuickBooks provides a number of online resources, but their telephone support is limited to business hours Monday through Saturday.

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