The 84 Best Netflix Series to Watch Today | original shows and box sets

The 84 Best Netflix Series to Watch Today | originals and box sets

Looking for your next TV obsession? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Netflix is ​​always adding new original series and old favorites (and yes, it does take them back from time to time), so here’s our selection of the best TV streaming services today – award-winning originals like Stranger Things and the crown for great shopping for Better Call Saul.

No matter what your mood – from dramatic drama and loud laughter comedy to immersive documentary and this sci-fi / fantasy world – Netflix UK is within reach of a glorious phone world – and we’ve put together some of your ur favorites below …

So stop scrolling and start watching!

Updated March 15, 2020


Like those Line of Duty interview scenes biting your nails? Then tune in to the international anthology series on the walls of the police interrogation kit. The drama takes place in four countries – Great Britain, Germany, France and Spain – and consists of 12 individual stories (three in each location). The episodes in each country are filmed in local language, written and staged by native stars – parts of the UK version include David Tennant and Hayley Atwell. Check out Netflix

Better call Saul


This “Breaking Bad” spin-off follows the shady relationship of Bob Odenkirk’s shining lawyer Saul Goodman and is much brighter with his brutal and often bleak parent. Netflix has just arrived for its fifth season, with episodes dropping weekly, so now is a good time to catch up. Check out Netflix

On the wrong track

Speaking of bad hacking … You’ve been told a million times that you should think about it (and if you are planning to watch an El Camino follow-up movie, you best do it) so we’ll save you a lot of sales and leave a link here. In your sweet time … follow Netflix

After life

Confirmed! The second season of Ricky Gervaise’s bittersweet comedy explores the difficult path to a fulfilling life after her husband’s death in April – so get to the first season right away. Gervais stars as a widow who contemplates suicide instead of taking her misery out of the rest of the world by saying and doing whatever she likes … See Netflix

Inside No. 9

This surreal comedy / horror / thriller anthology, written by Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith of this gentleman’s league, has won fans and critical acclaim for their dark sense of humor and relentless ingenuity. All stories are in some sort of number 9 – but it remains the only constant in this superlative, wildly unpredictable broadcast. The first four seasons are available on Netflix.

Check out Netflix


This hard-hitting real crimeand is a furious look at police misconduct that included serial rapists, performing brilliant performances by Toni Collette, Merritt Wever and Kaitlyn Dever. Check out Netflix


After an unseen wait, Ozark returns later this month, so if you haven’t seen the popular crime series yet, you have enough time to catch up on the first two seasons. This is a smash hit drama about an ordinary man (usually played by comedian actor Jason Bateman) who, due to difficult circumstances, is forced into crime and brutality – is it any wonder that he is often compared to Breaking Bad? Check out Netflix

Don’t F ** k Cats: Internet Killer Hunt

In 2010, a horror-ridden online video went crazy in which an anonymous man suffocating two kittens was violent – a gang of amateur animals promised to work together to track down the perpetrator. It is the starting point of a constantly thrilling and disturbing three-part documentary. If it were fiction, you would leave it too unlikely, but it is true. Check out Netflix

Russian doll

Netflix’s eight-part series follows the New Yorker Nadia smoking in the chain as she weaves her way through a mysterious chain of time that sees her celebrate her 36th birthday – and then she dies. Time and time again. Created jointly by Leslye Headland, Natasha Lyonne and Amy Poehler, this is not a Groundhog Day rehash. With its own New York sass and the concept’s high profitability, it is exquisitely satisfying. Check out Netflix

Good place

NBC’s high-profile philosi-sitcom can’t be talked about enough – it has released a new mold that hasn’t been seen in an online commerce bag since Seinfeld changed the game in the 1990s. The series follows the lives of four people who have fallen into some sort of secular afterlife, with the exception of one (Kristen Bell’s Eleanor Shellstrop) who accidentally gets lost. The series of twists and turns of the first season will require a massive shake-up in the second season, leaving the audience consistently wondering where on earth it might go. The third season repeats brilliantly in some way – and keep the tissues ready for the final episode, now available. Check out Netflix

Sabrina’s cool adventures

Netflix’s rebooted 90s comedy Sabrina’s Teenage Witch, portrayed as a dark age, starred Kiernan Shipka, a semi-witch and mortal. And the third series has just dropped, so you have plenty to keep occupying … View on Netflix

Black mirror

It started during Channel 4’s dark shooting, but Charlie Brooker’s drama quickly became one of TV’s most notable series. Then Netflix jumped in – because a clearly dystopian vision of the future where technology has taken over our lives is exactly what to show on a service specifically designed to allow you to view the screen hour by hour …

The fifth season features some of the more ambitious and engaging stories to date. In June 2019, three new tracks dropped with brilliant performances by Andrew Scott, Miley Cyrus and Anthony Mackie. Check out Netflix

BoJack Rider

Animated comedy, anthropomorphic horses, and a startling existential crisis – whatever Netflix hosts took to the green in this series, we want it. And the final episodes of all time have just arrived … Watch on Netflix


In Netflix’s new fantasy series “The Witcher,” superman Henry Cavill Rivia plays knight hunter Geralt, a man with harsh and quiet sword hated and feared by the people he protects against supernatural beasts. Check out Netflix



There’s one reason why everyone talks about it: this genius-scary horror series that follows four ordinary 1980s kids and one telekinetic super girl is filled with heart. And an interdimensional monster that walks through walls. Oh, and the unauthorized soundtrack. The third season of “Chilling and Destructive” has just been released – and the fourth season is confirmed … View on Netflix

Commitment Line

Five of the series, Line of Duty, continues to provide equally shocking and stunning performances. It all started in the first series when a charismatic cop (Lennie James) found himself under investigation by anti-corruption officials. New series, and possibly curved copper, come with each series, and the threads slowly grow into something truly remarkable. There are currently four series on Netflix: an unacceptable British crime. Check out Netflix


David Fincher’s gloomy serial killer drama didn’t let it down for the first time when it arrived, but its slow construction intrigue attracted enough people to extend it to Netflix for another season. The series is followed by FBI soft spokesman Holden Ford (Jonathan Groff) and his sad partner Bill Tench (Holt McCallany) as they travel to the United States questioning the nation’s most dreaded serial killer. Although it will take some time to get truly started, the series will soon evolve into an intriguing character set as Ford becomes more and more emotionally stuck with his work. Check out Netflix


Known as the most expensive television show Netflix has ever made, this super-powerful royal drama reflects Queen Elizabeth II’s rise from princess to monarch with her husband, Prince Philip. All-star casting is led by Claire Foy and Matt Smith in the first two seasons, with Olivia Colman and Tobias Menzies in the third. Check out Netflix


This reasonably and time-resilient German series, which initially compared Stranger’s stuff, recently returned to the second installment of its three-season run. Check out Netflix

Peaky Blinders

This Cillian Murphy Starring Crime Epic has received worldwide acclaim, from Tom Cruise to David Bowie. It’s a pretty wide fan base, but Brummie-based 1920s gang series really has something for everyone. Sharp suits, sharper razors, and performances that cut through the slag throughout the regular period. All four series are currently on Netflix – the fifth series will be released in April. Check out Netflix


Michael Peterson in the original The Staircase dock series

The original true crime documentary, the remarkable story of Michael Peterson’s trial, is the result of the filmmaker Jean-Xavier de Lestrade’s vision for a new style of crime reporting. Originally aired in 2004, Netflix acquired the rights and released the series in 2018 with three new episodes, which again escalated into a worrying affair. “I’ve spent 16 years of my life with this story,” de Lestrade tells the Radio Times. “And while it hasn’t been full-time filming and editing over the years, there hasn’t really been a single day when it’s not in my head.” Check out Netflix

Sex education

Is it British? Is it American? Who cares if the writing is so sharp and the emotional peaks – sorry – so satisfying. 2019 introduced us for the first time to Otis, Maeve, Eric and co, but it feels like we’re just getting to know these gorgeous characters. The second season arrived in January and the third season has just been confirmed. Check out Netflix

Star Trek: Discovery

It could all have gone so wrong, but the first Star Trek TV series after the Enterprise found its feet with insane confidence. There are two seasons available on Netflix, the third is expected at some point in 2020. Check out Netflix

Up boy

Award-winning drama about gang life and drug trafficking on East London real estate. Top Boy was nominated for two Channel 4 series in the UK from 2011-2013. Now, Netflix has revived the drama for a new, third season (and fourth is on its way), with rappers Dave and Little Simz joining Drake. Check out Netflix


A warm, cordial drama about a family whose teenage son is on the autistic spectrum. The third series landed recently and Sam (Keir Gilchrist) is about to study. Check out Netflix

A stranger

Continuing with the 2018 program Safe, this is the second collaboration between Netflix and best-selling thriller writer Harlan Coben. It’s a more classic, more assertive thing, though mixed with vague twists. Richard Armitage holds it together as a nice middle-class father whose world is destroyed – you guessed it – by secrets, lies and possibly even murders. Check out Netflix


Fox canceled the much-loved series before the #SaveLucifer campaign saw Netflix revive it. Based on the character created by Neil Gaiman for the Sandman comic book series, Tom Ellis plays Lucifer, a handsome and seductive Lord of Hell who has made himself a home in Los Angeles’ glamorous glamor …

Dark tourist

Kiwi journalist David Farrier (often referred to as New Zealand’s response to Louis Theroux) travels to the world’s grimest tourist destinations, following tours following in the footsteps of Jeffrey Dahmer and Charles Manson, a radiation-devastated non-go zone in Fukushima and a rendezvous with Pablo Escobar’s former hitman . Despite all the dark themes, it is very pleasant and easy to watch. Check out Netflix

Arrested development

The television’s most dysfunctional family arrived on Netflix’s long-awaited fourth season in 2013, thanks to a deeply loyal cult fan who developed years after its cancellation by US network Fox in 2006. Returning to the screen hasn’t always been smooth, and the controversy surrounding Jessica Walters and Jeffrey Tambor before the five seasons has certainly colored fans’ expectations. Does this most groundbreaking US comedy have a future? Check out Netflix

When they see us

Ethan Herisse under the names of young Yusef Salaam and Aunjanue Ellis Sharonne Salaam

Open DuVernay’s harrowing and life-telling story of Central Park’s five true stories, which saw five black and Hispanic teens convicted of rape in New York in 1989, condemned by police and court drama before reaching the heartbreaking finale, especially for the unfortunate gang member. Check out Netflix

Making a murderer

Netflix’s poster child “Making a Murderer” became one of the streaming giant’s most talked-about shows after a ten-part documentary premiered in December 2015. The story of Steven Avery, a Wisconsin man who served 18 years in prison after being mistakenly charged with attempted murder and sexual assault and later convicted of another murder, took the world and became the focus of much debate. The extraordinary TV set by filmmakers Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos was filmed over a decade. A must-see for all true crime fans – with season two, the story is always open. Check out Netflix

Queer the eye

Netflix created a brand new Fab Five with a good heart from the heart of what most broadcasters could only dream of, and the re-launch of Queer Eye gold. The series has already found a loyal fan base, even involving people who never watched the original. Check out Netflix

Orange is the new black

The series follows naïve middle-class resident Piper Kerman (Taylor Schilling) while serving a 15-month sentence. With its brilliant ensemble of strong, funny and racially diverse women, Orange’s five seasons run counter to the stereotype of every “behind bars” woman. All seven seasons are available. Check out Netflix

Great British bake off

Go back to where it all started when all seven BBC baking chart series featured Mary Hollywood, Mel and Sue with Paul Hollywood. Channel 4 version hasn’t arrived yet … View Netflix

I think you should leave with Tim Robinson

A sketch show of a former Saturday Night Live writer bonkers, easily one of the funniest things the streaming service has ever produced. It features guest appearances from favorites by Andy Samberg, Fred Willard and Will Forte. Check out Netflix

Dead for me

Christina Applegate puts on brilliantly sparkling black comedy for her career-best performance Dead to Me, authored by Liz Feldman (The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Two Broke Girls).

Here’s the set-up: Two middle-aged women meet in a grief counseling session. They bond on mutual loss and become fast friends. But one of them is guarding a dark secret that threatens to rebuild their friendship and completely deviate from both lives. It’s a thrilling and soapy down-to-earth exploration of mourning and female friendship that causes you to die through all ten episodes to arrive at a shocking conclusion. Check out Netflix

Happy Valley

BBC One One’s brilliant Sally Wainwright drama, which is inadvertently labeled a “crime drama” in the Netflix back catalog, is so, much more. It can be either a black or a black mirror or as sharp as the Gilmore Girls, but overall it is uniquely perfectly British. Check out Netflix

Doctor who

The series is set for a new generation of space and time adventures by Jodie Whittaker and Chris Chibnall, but it’s always a good idea to keep your NuWho backup catalog in hand. From Christopher Eccleston to Matt Smith, Peter Capald and beyond, the Doctor is always in the house. Check out Netflix


Elizabeth Lail is making a popular psychological action film about the stars next to Gossip Girls’ Penn Badgley – and the second season has just been released, so fill your boots …

Crazy men

Crazy men are cool in the middle of the century. The 1960s New York Advertising Agency drama series features Jon Hamm as the charismatic and mysterious Don Draper, and when it launched in 2007, he had to watch television. Stylish and sexy, Mad Men set real-world trends as she captivated her sophisticated audience with a witty and gripping, slow-burning storyline. All seven seasons are available on Netflix, so pour yourself a drink, sit back and relax … View Netflix


The presence of Lost’s Naveen Andrews is a small hint of the complexity of Sense8, another spin-off sci-fi piece from The Wachowskis (The Matrix Series, Jupiter Ascending). Followed by a group of eight strangers from different corners of the world, united by common prophetic visions known as senses. Then comes the end of sex, acrobatic fighting scenes and endless intrigues – all of which are unfortunately canceled after two seasons. Check out Netflix

Brooklyn’s nine-nine

This stupid but surprisingly sharp job in the New York City police district has a lot to heart. Andy Samberg on a lonely island manages casting under the name of Jake Peralta, a star detective on a team filled with superbly drawn characters. But the show’s secret weapon is Andre Braugher – a former drama actor who plays insanely serious Captain Raymond Holt with an insurmountable body. Check out Netflix

American vandal

The brutally abandoned Netflix movie document survives as one of the hottest acts takes on our continuing real crime frenzy.

The show looks unobtrusively silly on paper: A young filmmaker at the US High School AV Club is trying to find out who sprayed 27 pieces of cars on a faculty parking lot. Class clown and serial Dylan Maxwell admits his innocence, but everyone literally thinks it was him. There’s even an eyewitness who claims to have seen the whole thing. As with all the best mysteries, however, not everything seems to be … See Netflix


Tony winner Ben Platt celebrates Payton Hobart, a wealthy student from Santa Barbara, California, who has known for seven years that he wants to be president of the United States. There is only one obstacle in his path: high school. Check out Netflix

The Last Kingdom

We expect the Last Kingdom to reach the fourth season this year, so why not go back to the beginning of the Anglo-Saxon epic based on the novels of Sharpe’s creator Bernard Cornwell. Check out Netflix


Friends were so widespread on British television that most people have already seen at least every episode (236 of them). But with Netflix, there is control: the opportunity to dive into your captains – one with Ross’s sandwich, one with an apartment swap, the one where Ross and Rachel were at rest – at your whim. Who needs real friends? Check out Netflix


In this popular ITV drama, Anna Friel celebrates a senior female detective suffering a violent blackout. The series was created and written by Hans Rosenfeldt, a Swedish writer and creator of The Bridge. Check out Netflix

Salt fat acid heat

As with any other presenter, there are plenty of food shows in the streaming service. With the delicious sweet behavior of presenter and writer Samin Nosra, Salt Fat Acid Heat made one of the most interesting brides offered in 2018. Netflix knows what’s good for you … Look at Netflix

Good girls

The second series of this darkly comic caper – about three nutritious mothers who rob a grocery store and have to deal with endless consequences – is now available on Netflix UK. Now eliminate all 13 episodes and make arrangements for the third season to come this year … View on Netflix

The Office (United Kingdom)

When the agency was first shown to the BBC’s focus group in 2001, its authors said it had the lowest score ever. But now the workplace mockumentaries of Ricky Gervaise and Stephen Merchant are widely regarded as one of the most innovative pieces of British comedy of the generation.

Check out Netflix



Strange, striped, brilliant? The limited series by Emma Stone and Jonah Hill is a visual treat, but not everyone jumped on board right away. But with a show full of ideas, it is least possible to know which side of the garden you are falling into. And with Cary Fukuna being the next Bond director, there’s even more reason to know what all the rage is about. Check out Netflix

Gilmore girls

The acoustic caffeine-based comedy made a notable comeback thanks to Netflix when A Year in the Life chose Gilmores after years away. Check out Netflix


At the end of Season One, we saw that this (real) 1980s TV wrestling show might be something special. Yes, the underwear slapstick is endlessly fun, but GLOW helps unlock the vulnerabilities of its characters and the dynamics between them. The third season arrived last summer with the joining of Geena Davis – and we made our year. Check out Netflix


Do you like to watch two middle-aged men make moderate / good impressions of celebrities while eating nice food in beautiful places? Yes? Do we have a show for you! Travel stars Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon are designing hyper-real versions where they do just that. There are two series available on Netflix – the first in northern England and the second in southern Italy – but both feature a great deal of dark humor, incredible cinematography (by Michael Winterbottom) and good help with pathos. Check out Netflix


Remember when you never saw Sherlock before it became a global phenomenon? It sounded terrible. Martin Freeman (this block of The Office) and Benedict Cumberbatch (a cute type of praying mantis cheekbones) take on classic Arthur Conan Doyle stories. The fact that they are now massive stars shows how well the experiment worked. Writers Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss realized that Holmes’s turn was not a detective job, but a character. Sherlock starts off confidently, and by the third series, a full-time swordsman has broken out. How to detective yourself. Check out Netflix

American Crime Story

People vs OJ Simpson was one of the most talked about TV series of 2017, and rightly so. ACS continues to install markers on reputation television: Gianni Versace’s murder is now available on Netflix. Check out Netflix

Schitt’s Creek

Brilliant comedies that, like many other US peers (including Parks and Recreation, The Office, and New Girl), go awhile, but by the time the second season all its characters are around, it has fully developed into almost perfect cartoons . It follows the privileged, formerly wealthy Rose family who are trying to rebuild their lives in the name city that Patriarch (Eugene Levy) bought in 1991 as a joke. Look at Netflix

13 reasons why

Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette) 13 Reasons Why Season Two (Netflix)

The much-discussed teenage drama based on Jay Asher’s eponymous novel tells the story of 17-year-old Hannah Baker’s suicide. His story is based on a series of tapes he left to former lover Clay Jensen, detailing his reasons. A controversial series to be sure of, but an instant classic. And the third season is over. Check out Netflix

Peep Show

David Mitchell and Robert Webb at their best. In this classic Channel 4 sitcom, they play Mark and Jez – one is a rapper, one is a loan manager. And together they are two functional apartment mates who want to fit into the adult world. Spoiler: They fail. Spectacularly. Again. And again. And again. Check out Netflix

The rise of the black earth

For Bafta-winning writer Hugo Blick (a venerable woman), this BBC / Netflix co-production thrill addresses the prosecution of international war crimes and the complex issue of Western relations with Africa. Michaela Coel plays Kate Ashby, a woman who was rescued as a young child during the Rwandan genocide and adopted by world-class prosecutor Eve Ashby (Harriet Walter) in international criminal law.

Check out Netflix

Flint Town

The Netflix series features an unbelievable portrayal of the city at the point of breaking in the eyes of law enforcement officers in Flint, Michigan – and the people they are meant to protect. Water crises, poverty, systematic neglect: the face of today’s America? Check out Netflix


Netflix has added M to the popular BBC trivia so you can once again sail the Stephen Fry era and Sandi Toksvig’s reign … View on Netflix

There is no master

Aziz Ansar’s semi-autobiographical comedy explores the life of a 30-member in New York. In the first season it was good, but in the second season it was really good when we saw Devi (Ansari) crossing with Francesca (Alessandra Mastronardi) – a congenital romance after a spontaneous trip to Italy. Check out Netflix

End of the parade

This luxurious BBC adaptation of Ford Madox Ford novels brings together Tom Stoppard’s rambling dialogue with Benedict Cumberbatch’s star attraction. But Parade’s End is truly remarkable for Rebecca Hall as Sylvia Tietjens’ fierce wit. His reference to the character as a “regular defecation lady champion” must be one of the best fools on television. Check out Netflix

The bodyguard

Under the leadership of Line of Duty creator Jed Mercurio, you can see how the BBC drama Bodyguard attracted such an impressive cast. Six-star drama star Keeley Hawes as home secretary Julia Montague and Richard Madden as her bodyguard to protect her, and let viewers grab while the series aired in the UK in 2018. Check out Netflix

Umbrella Academy

Following the “dysfunctional superhero family,” Ellen Page’s fantasy series set the stars in an alternate reality, adapted from My Chemical Romance’s comic strip by Gerard Way. Check out Netflix


What will be the legacy of house cards? This is a series that made Netflix a serious player on the international entertainment scene. This is the series that signaled a new era in the web, the first broadcast that improved “over-tracking”, which began as a mystery to all and has become the defining verb of this generation.

It’s also a series starring Kevin Spacey.

The sixth and final House of Cards season returned with Robin Wright alone in the oval cabinet, but how much can the past be rewritten? Check out Netflix

The end of the world

With season two already airing on Kanal 4 (coming to Netflix later), now is the time to catch up on the first episode of this horror comedy drama series involving a couple of teenagers. Check out Netflix


Based on Merlin’s (Colin Morgan’s) youthful re-introduction of the Arthur legend, befriending and defending pre-throne King Arthur (Bradley James), it was a five-episode series of BBC drama that attracted millions of viewers and screened hundreds of countries worldwide. Check out Netflix

Pride and Prejudice

Yes, pride and prejudice, one with Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle, one that can’t make you smile on a sick day, rainy Sunday, or Christmas. Check out Netflix


For a specific generation, this was a series in their teens, a wildly entertaining dramatic drama with a gentle heart. Even now, this is absorbing stuff, plus the bonus of younger versions of the big stars who have hit the big stuff, including Nicholas Hoult, Dev Patel, Kaya Scodelario, Daniel Kaluuya … Yep, a defining series for many people. Check out Netflix


Did you watch the first episode? Did you give up Nicholas Brody? Well, it’s time to go back and contact Claire Danes’ troubled CIA agent Carrie Mathieson as the eighth and final season is on the air. Sure, it’s one of the most volatile shows on TV, but if it’s good, it’s also really good. Check out Netflix

Ugly delicious

David Chang, who is one of the winning telecookers by hand, takes his irreverent and impartial approach to the traditions of esteemed food traditions and cuts their soft beater. Why should Naples Pizza be considered the best pizza? Who does better BBQ, Korean or American? Let the arguments begin. Check out Netflix

Monty Python Flying Circus

Just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the huge archive of the classic Monty Python comedy currently on Netflix. The cult television series has inspired generations of comedians. Sure, it’s a serious and at times sinful world, but if you ever need to feel a little silly, this is the place to go. Check out Netflix

Narcos / Narcos: Mexico

Narcos: Mexico Season 2 Carlos Somonte / Netflix

This is a spectacular series from Netflix, often written unfairly as the successor to Breaking Bad. The real-life story follows the endless game of cat and mouse between drug king Pablo Escobar, Colombian authorities and the DEA. Reset of the third season, focusing on new drugs in the Cali cartel. From there on to the anthology to Mexico. Each piece of the puzzle makes the whole even more confident. Check out Netflix

Derry girls

Lisa McGee’s brilliant court game – about a group of girls who navigated the lives of teenagers during the misery of Northern Ireland in the 1990s – explores conventional teen melodramas through the prism of international conflict. It manages to do it with a lot of humor, heart and just a fair amount of pathos. Check out Netflix

Derren Brown

British illusionist Derren Brown uses his psychological manipulation and showmanship skills to entertain the public and expose the deception of healers of religion, the media and other so-called supernatural powers. Netflix has three Derren Brown specials to enjoy, including the 2018 original, Sacrifice. Check out Netflix

Movies that made us

This infectiously fun factual series spends every episode watching a 1980s or 90s hit movie, the theme being that the actors and team never dreamed of making the box office gold. Viewers of the right age will feel nostalgic when it comes to stories about Die Hard, home alone, ghost dust and dirty dancing. Check out Netflix

Big mouth

This adult animation explores the topic of puberty with outrageous humor and sometimes surprising hell. Proud voices include Nick Kroll, John Mulaney, Jordan Peele, Maya Rudolph and David Thewlis. Check out Netflix


Inspireerituna Coen Brothersi samanimelisest filmist, on sellel Minnesota kuritegevuse tõestisündinud lugu Netflixil kolm suures osas eraldiseisvat sarja, mis kõik on teie väärtusliku vaatamisaja väärt.

Series one stars Sherlock’s Martin Freeman as a mild-mannered insurance salesman in a provincial Minnesota town whose life unravels after meeting a mysterious stranger played by Billy Bob Thornton. The twists and turns keep you guessing to the end of this moody and intelligent piece of television drama.

Series two had a new cast including Kirsten Dunst, Patrick Wilson and Ted Danson. Set in March 1979 the story acts as a prequel to the first series and follows the complex story of the town during investigations of three murders. Meanwhile series three of Fargo stars Ewan McGregor in a dual-role as brothers Emmit and Ray. Check out Netflix

The Thick of It

Armando Iannucci’s satire on modern British government is heralded as one of the best comedies of the modern age. And although politics in recent times has arguably moved beyond satire, there is still plenty to enjoy in this breathtakingly well-observed comedy. Starring Peter Capaldi as foul-mouthed spin doctor Malcolm Tucker, The Thick of It has gone on to inspire a film, an American version and the US comedy Veep, from the same creator. All four series of the original (and some may say the best) are on Netflix. Check out Netflix


Hugely popular teen drama starring Cole Sprouse that exposes the darker side of the fictional world first created for the Archie comics. Season four has just dropped, so hurry – catch up now. Check out Netflix

Gavin & Stacey

James Corden might be a household name in the United States these days, but long before he was a talk show host, he was the critically acclaimed co-writer and star of Gavin & Stacey. This well-loved comedy from the pen of Corden and Ruth Jones follows the long-distance relationship between Gavin from Essex and Stacey from South Wales, and the way their families interact with them and each other. Check out Netflix


David Attenborough‘s 2009 natural history series is yet another magical exploration of our planet best described pictures rather than words… Watch on Netflix

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