The 7 biggest Takeaways from This Year’s Oscar Nominations

You are all aware that the Academy Awards are one of the highest awards that can be received in the film industry. People gather around their computers and televisions every year to see who will be recognized for their dedication and hard work in the film industry with an award. This year has been the same as previous years, yet there have been some notable differences when compared to previous years.

The nominees for this year appear to underline the shift that has been brought about by streaming and at-home watching, in addition to the effect that the epidemic has had on attendance in theatres. In addition, the Academy’s willingness to acknowledge earlier films like “Avatar” and “Top Gun,” both of which were released in conventional theatres, demonstrates that the organization is still ready to do so. The Oscar nominations for this year provide us with the following seven important takeaways:

  1. Good performances in not-so-great movies

Why are some actors recognized for their performance in not-so-great movies? The answer is quite simple – these actors have managed to make a positive impression on the Academy voters through their impressive performances. This year, we witnessed this with Austin Butler’s portrayal of Elvis Presley and Ana de Armas’ uncanny role as Marilyn Monroe in “Blonde.” To be the MVP player on a losing team takes a lot of skill, and this is what each actor has managed to do, making them stand out from the competition.

  1. “Everything Everywhere” proves Oscar voters can be (kinda) hip

When “Everything Everywhere All at Once” was first released, there were doubts about whether the Academy would be able to appreciate such a different and ambitious movie. The success of this film goes to show that the organization is open-minded enough to recognize new art forms. The multiverse saga’s success is confirmation that, in the right circumstances, the Academy can be open to new ideas.

  1. Diversity among the nominees

This year’s Oscar nominations also showed an increase in diversity compared to previous years. The number of people from diverse backgrounds nominated for awards this year demonstrates a commitment to creating more inclusive workplaces and storytelling in the film industry. This sends a strong message that inclusivity is integral to the success of movies and should be embraced instead of tolerated.

  1. The power of streaming


The Academy’s willingness to recognize films released on streaming platforms shows how much power these services have in terms of influencing culture and creating new opportunities for filmmakers. In addition, the success of films like “Minari” and “Nomadland” proves that streaming services can help to reach a wider audience, which is something that physical theatres cannot compete with.

  1. The Netflix effect

In addition to streaming, Netflix has become a major force in the film industry. The success of films like “All Quiet on the Western Front” and “Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio” shows that Netflix is capable of backing great films and having them seen by more people because of its reach. This year’s Oscars confirm that Netflix is a force to be reckoned with in the film industry.

  1. Steven Spielberg (and John Williams) take (another) bow

This year, Steven Spielberg and John Williams made history with their nominations. With nine nods for best director, Spielberg tied Martin Scorsese in the most Oscar mentions among living directors – an impressive achievement that solidifies his legacy amongst film-goers and critics. At 90 years old, Williams earned his 53rd nomination – second only to Walt Disney’s 59 – demonstrating how powerful these two men’s work is over time. As each awards season passes, we can take comfort in knowing that their masterpieces will remain timeless classics long into the future.

  1. A subtle #MeToo moment

Last but not least, the nomination of “Women Talking” in the Best Picture category was a subtle nod to the ongoing conversation about gender equality in Hollywood. Often times it feels like we’re taking two steps forward and one step back when it comes to progress for women in film, but this year’s nominations prove that there is progress being made – however small it may be. This year’s Oscars have served to remind us that we must continue the conversation and work to ensure that women have the same opportunities as their male counterparts in all aspects of filmmaking.

So, while there is still progress to be made, this year’s Oscars did not go unrecognized for their efforts in celebrating diversity and inclusion in the film. While it may have been a subtle nod, it helps remind us all that we can still make a difference if we keep talking.

After reviewing this year’s Oscar nominations, take a moment to appreciate the lion on Kylie Jenner’s Schiaparelli dress.

Jonas Muthoni is the Founder and CEO of Deviate Agency; he has contributed to several online publications, including Forbes. He loves to write on topics ranging from leadership and business to technology. Writing has always been his passion, and He has been writing for online publications over the last several years.