Women Entrepreneurs

Trust, Honesty, and Putting Others First: Entrepreneur Katherine Grullon Cuervo Shares Her Golden Rules of Running a Thriving Business

Trust is the glue that binds all human relationships. Without trust, you never feel at ease or able to express who you are. Instead, you hold back, fearful of being cheated, hurt, or let down. Whether it’s marriage, team sports, or business, broken trust destroys foundations. The Harvard Business Review recently reported on the effect […]

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Game-Changing Technology: How Angelina Lawton Revolutionized the Sports Industry

Regardless of the time period or what conflicts the world endured, sports has always prevailed as a universal unifier.  The numbers glaring across the scoreboards, ecstatic fans in a warm embrace, the blazing horns in the background. This visual encompasses what comes to mind when we think of the term, sports. As one of the […]

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Empowering Women through Beauty and Self-Care: The Story of Bodela’s Founder, Bobbi Vargas

The beauty industry’s landscape has been dramatically reshaped by Bobbi Vargas, the dynamic Founder, and CEO of Bodela, an organization dedicated to empowering women through beauty and self-care. Born in Syria and raised in Kuwait, Vargas learned resilience early in life as her family grappled with sudden immigration to the United States during the Persian […]

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