Ludacris Explains Why The Fast and Furious Franchise Hasn’t Ended

The Fast and Furious franchise has spanned a massive two decades by this point, first hitting TV screens all the way back in 2001. Nevertheless, since its early days as a street racing film, the series has no doubt grown in popularity.  One of the most notable features of the franchise is that it’s always […]

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Burger King’s Spider-Man Celebrations

Burger King is one of the biggest brands in the international fast food scene, boasting a whopping 1.89 billion in worldwide revenue. What’s more, with a grand total of approximately 12,300 stores, it’s safe to say that the brand has firmly established itself as one of the most loved providers of takeaway meals. However, it’s […]

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Star Wars Day – Everything You Need to Know

With Star Wars Day having just rounded the corner once more, the celebrations have undeniably reinvigorated the passion many fans hold for this excellent series. However, when it comes to the origins of Star Wars Day, things become a little less clear – which is where we’re on hand to help. Where Did Star Wars […]

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