Support from Arnold Schwarzenegger as Bruce Willis Retires

Support from Arnold Schwarzenegger as Bruce Willis Retires

Bruce Willis – it’s a name that many people know and love, and he no doubt made a massive mark on the film industry with his numerous big-name works. However, the news in 2022 that Bruce Willis would be retiring from his work in the acting scene undoubtedly came as something of a shock – although his own coworkers had predicted the diagnosis for years.

However, the announcement that Arnold Schwarzenegger has finally released a statement in support of Bruce’s retirement is something of a shock. Nevertheless, it doesn’t minimize the impact of this moment, and it’s safe to say that Willis fans are getting a little weak at the knees themselves over the heartfelt support.

A Conjoined Career

It’s not uncommon for actors who work particularly well together to form a duo, often appearing in many different roles alongside one another – and such is the case for Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Bruce Willis. Indeed, as two of the biggest faces on the silver screen, these household names go back over four decades. 

The pair debuted together in the 1988 hit, Die Hard, and subsequently starred in four additional franchise movies. They have also co-starred in films such as the Unbreakable Trilogy, Looper, and The Expendables, alongside their own personal movie projects.

Award-Winning Work

One of the easiest ways to recognize talent in the movie scene is to look at awards and nominations – and both Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger have earned a staggering number of awards.

For Willis, some of the most notable awards include the Golden Globe for best actor in the 1987 show, Moonlighting. He has also won several Emmy awards for Creative Arts and Outstanding Lead Actor. In total, he has achieved twenty two wins and fifty three nominations for his work.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s career isn’t anything to scoff at, either. Indeed, with thirty one wins and thirty seven nominations, his results are only slightly greater overall.

Arnold’s Message to Bruce

It’s always a moving moment when a big screen actor retires, but even more so when they receive commendations for their work from their fellow stars. Such is the case this week for Arnold Schwarzenegger, who has released a heartfelt statement about Bruce Willis’ retirement during an interview around his new show, FUBAR.

When asked about his thoughts on Willis’ career and retirement, Schwarzenneger replied, “I think that he’s fantastic. He was, always for years and years, a huge, huge star. And I think that he will always be remembered as a great, great star. And a kind man.”

While it’s lovely to see his support for Willis’ career, perhaps the most moving part of all is the fact that, in Schwarzenegger’s eyes, “we never really retire. Action heroes, reload.” And that seems a fair statement to make; after all, Willis’ films and content will likely carry on wowing the world for years to come.

Since his announcement, Bruce Willis has continued to share updates on his condition with fans and the media; he has now received a more formal diagnosis of dementia.

While Arnold Schwarzenegger supports Bruce Willis as he retires, there’s also praise coming in for the riveting one-take chase sequence in Dungeons and Dragons.

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