Why Does Subway Surfers Ask For Age?

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Many parents are concerned about their kids playing mobile games like Subway Surfers. There are several reasons why a game like this one asks for age, and here we will discuss why Subway Surfers ask for age before playing the game.

Let’s find out.

Why Do Subway Surfers Ask For Age?

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Subway Surfers asks every person who signs up for their age. Does the game load differently for persons of different age groups? Or are there any particular features that are disabled for minors? Let us explore.

  1. If you sign in with an age less than 13 years, you cannot enable Google or Facebook sign-in on the game.
  2. But most of the features and the main game itself remains the same irrespective of the age you have added.
  3. The in-app purchases, the pop-up ads, etc., are not affected, irrespective of the player’s age. Most parents have an issue with these features of the game. The ads can be explicit and might not be suitable for children. The in-app purchases for extra coins can burn a deep hole in your pocket.

Here are the main reasons why in general game asks for the player’s age:

1. Safety and Privacy

Age verification can contribute to the safety and privacy of players. By verifying the age of players, they can implement appropriate safety measures, such as parental controls or restrictions on social interactions, to protect younger players from potential risks associated with online gaming.

2. Age-Appropriate Content

Certain content or features within the game are suitable only for players of a certain age. By asking for age verification, game developers can ensure that they provide an appropriate gaming experience to players based on their age.

3. Compliance With Legal Requirements

Many countries have laws and regulations regarding collecting and processing personal data from individuals under a certain age, typically minors. To comply with these laws, the games may ask for age verification to ensure they are not collecting personal information from underage players without proper consent from parents or legal guardians.

4. Advertising and Targeted Content

Age verification can also help tailor advertising and content within the game to be more relevant to the player’s age group. Advertisers may have specific requirements regarding the age demographics they want to target, and age verification allows the game software to deliver targeted ads accordingly.


1. Is Subway Surfers appropriate for kids?

Subway Surfers is a relatively safe game for children. There is no explicit violence in the game; it is a fun game that develops your reflexes. For extra care, ensure that the in-app payments are disabled and the game is not linked to Facebook. There are a few reasons why it might not be suitable, or monitoring might be necessary:

  • The game’s premise is to defy the police authorities trying to apprehend the graffiti artist. It glorifies the rule breaker and paints the policeman in a negative light.
  • Pop-up advertisements are another negative feature that might not be suitable for kids.

2. How To Keep Kids Safe Online?

Keeping these guidelines in mind, you and your child can avoid facing any issues:

  • Keep an eye on what they see and who interacts with them outside of their friend circle and school.
  • Use caution when accessing free internet learning resources. Never should your child be required to enter their full name or a photo to access these sites.
  • To reduce data collection, keep in mind to check the privacy settings. Give your children advice on how to protect their personal information, especially from strangers.
  • We are not recommending helicopter parenting, but we ask you to keep a check on children’s online presence.
  • Tell them about strangers and who to avoid. Tell them that it is okay to ignore strangers on the internet and that if they feel uncomfortable, they should immediately inform you about it.
  • Limit their internet consumption; it is suitable for their mental health.

Final Thoughts

It’s worth noting that the specific reasons for age verification in Subway Surfers may vary based on the game’s policies, legal requirements, and the developers’ intentions. By asking for age information, Subway Surfers aims to create a safer and more tailored gaming experience for its players.

It is also crucial to keep a tab on what your child sees on the internet, especially when they are younger than 12 years. Aim to maintain healthy internet use so that they can enjoy themselves and you can relax.

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