Starfield Release Date Trailer, grounds, parts, consoles

Starfield Release Date Trailer, grounds, parts, consoles

The developers of Betrimda, a small game called Skyrim, are back with their first original RPG in 25 years: Starfield. Very little is known about the game, but since the studio has been working on this game for decades, hopes are high in the sky, it could be as good as The Elder Scrolls series …

When will Starfield be released?

Bethesda has hinted that Starfield is very much the next generation game, so we have to wait at least until the end of 2020 when the PS5 and Xbox Series X are released.

On what consoles and platforms is Starfield available?

Starfield has been confirmed for the upcoming PS5 and Xbox Series X as well as Microsoft Windows. Bethesda hasn’t ruled out porting the game to PS4 and Xbox One either, but the studio has reiterated that the current generation release isn’t their priority.

What’s in Starfield?

In fact, very little is known about Starfield. It’s a Bethesda single player RPG set in space – and that’s about it.

However, Starfield was designed with the next generation of consoles in mind, so if the mild trailer seems to be graphically stunning. Bethesda is also known for creating expanding and complex open worlds where you can spend days at a time – let’s look at Skyrim – so we hope Starfield is just as sophisticated with toys as it is with the same complexity.

The short story has been the only source of story details. We look at the camera – you see the lumps of ice on the lens – and see what appears to be a satellite on the planet when it is sucked into a black hole or a hypervoltage trip. Make it what you …

Does Starfield have a trailer?

Yes – this is a very secret. Look at the hidden word “constellation” for about sixteen seconds: [/ embed]