Google sends January Stadia update newsletter

Since the holidays there has been a silence in Stadia news that makes some early adopters upset. Google kicked off the new year today with a road map with features for the next three months and revealed that 120 titles will come in 2020.

Google follows “more than 120 games coming to Stages in 2020”. This probably consists of underlying catalogs that are introduced at the launch of subscriptions to publishers, including Ubisoft’s Uplay +. A handful of other titles have already been plagued.

More specifically, the upcoming 2020 roadmap contains “ten games alone in the first half of this year that will only be available at Stages” as an exclusive limited-time launch. Google says its partners “will soon be sharing more about those games.”

For the first quarter of 2020 (January-March), Stadia will roll out four important functions on the platform. They are all highly sought after and announced earlier, including “wireless gameplay on the web via the Stadia Controller” and “further assistant functionality when playing on the web.”

Stages on Chrome browsers get most of the addition of new features in this three-month 4K gaming roadmap that also comes on desktops. All of these upcoming additions were previously limited to the Chromecast Ultra.

Starting a game will be smoother by not having to connect a USB cable to your computer, while the lower 1080p gameplay resolution has been criticized on a platform that uses a lot of 4K. In the meantime, it is unclear whether the Assistant Function Set will also grow as part of the expansion.

Interestingly, telephone support is not included for other additions today, but Google brings Stages to more Android devices. An exact list has yet to be specified, but we have seen Stadia test support outside the Pixel line-up.

The Stadia team ended today’s 2020 roadmap by promising that “there is much more in store for this year.”

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