Slack has seen a tremendous increase in users during the coronavirus pandemic

Slack has seen a tremendous increase in users during the coronavirus pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has a profound effect on the working lives of people around the world. Some have made pay cuts, some have lost their jobs, and many livelihoods are at risk.

But while more and more people are working from home under the recommendation of the government, there are also companies that see the opposite happening.

Slack is one of them.

On Wednesday night, the CEO of the instant messaging platform, Stewart Butterfield, took to Twitter to describe how the company has affected recent weeks.

My day job (also: night job) is CEO of Slack, a publicly traded company with investors of which I am a corporate, 110k + paying customer of all sizes, and thousands of clients employees that matter to me. The last few weeks have been 🤯😳😢 Here’s what it’s been like. (Thread)

– Stewart Butterfield (@stewart) March 26, 2020

The Butterfield thread posted is a long one, reflecting on how the situation has unfolded since early March – and, interestingly, how the number of Slack users has skyrocketed.

On Tuesday. On March 10, Slack hit 10 million simultaneous connected users. After that, it quickly passed 10.5 million and 11 million miles.

Tuesday: There are many signs of surge demand. 1,597 days after hitting 1M * simultaneously connected * users in October ’15 (see we passed ten million. 6 days later: 10.5M, then 11.0M. The next day, 11.5M. This Monday, 12M. Now 12.5M. 📈

– Stewart Butterfield (@stewart) March 26, 2020

Butterfield also shared three charts, from March 12, 16, and 23, reflecting on the number of “newly created Slack teams that we believe are for workplaces.”

You can see the massive spike in the second week of March, as more companies began encouraging staff to work from home.

And now we see evidence of a huge increase in demand. It’s March 12, so the final effect is still unclear. But we’ll see this, e.g., this chart of newly created “work teams”. (The first chart from March 12. For context, same chart but four days and 11 days later.)

– Stewart Butterfield (@stewart) March 26, 2020

He also went on to compare Slack’s growth in recent weeks to its growth in the second half of 2019, saying the company added 5,000 customers in Q3 and Q4 combined, but added 9,000 in Q1 this year alone.

Butterfield ended the thread with an offer – for workers “on the frontlines fighting COVID-19” to use for free.

And if you’re on the frontlines fighting COVID-19, we’ll do whatever we can. Use it for free, ask us for advice. Email We are very grateful for everything you do. 💪❤️🙏

– Stewart Butterfield (@stewart) March 26, 2020

COVID-19, the disease caused by coronavirus, has infected more than 416,000 people worldwide. More than 18,500 people died.

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