Salesforce launches a new Trailhead app for easier hands-on learning

Salesforce rolled out a new app on Thursday to make it easier to get started on Trailhead Playground, the free Salesforce learning environment where users can test all the options they could potentially use on the Salesforce 360 ​​platform.

Trailhead Playground is basically a sandbox for developers, as well as administrators or any Salesforce end user such as a sales representative. It is part of Trailhead, the online learning platform of Salesforce. The new Trailhead Playground Starter app simply removes some of the friction for Trailhead users who want to get started on Playground, especially those who are completely new to Salesforce.

Salesforce launched Traihead about five years ago to equip employees with the admin and developer skills needed for jobs in the so-called “Salesforce economy”, including the 4.2 million jobs that the CRM giant and its ecosystem of partners and customers are expected to create between 2019 and 2024.

According to Salesforce, around 1.8 million people had used Trailhead at the end of last year. Just about all use Trailhead Playground, said Sandeep Bhanot, SVP of Trailhead Product at Salesforce.

“We really believe that the best way to learn, especially for a product like Salesforce, is to get it,” Bhanot told ZDNet. “Employers are always looking for practical experience … When they want to hire someone with a Salesforce skill, they want to make sure that you have not just read some theoretical knowledge.”

The new Starter app is accessible to users via the Salesforce App Launcher. When you create a new Trailhead Playground, it is now automatically opened in the Starter app. When a new playground environment is launched, the new app presents you a short video to orientate you around the environment and offer best practices.

The new app also makes it easier to install AppExchange apps and packages in your Playground. The user simply copies the ID number associated with the app or package and pastes it into Playground Starter to install it. The app also makes it easier to manage login data.