Reminder alerts and calendar alerts have an Apple bug

One of the things I like about the Apple ecosystem is the independence of the device. I can receive alerts, texts and even phone calls on the device in front of me at the time, be it Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad or Mac.

And for most things, it works well …

For example, if I receive an SMS and read it on my Mac, it will also mark it as read on my iPhone and iPad. If I reject a notification on my watch, it will also reject it from my iPhone. (Not that there is no room for improvement here too.)

But there are two exceptions to this: calendar and reminder alerts.

My Apple Thunderbolt Display is dead recently. While waiting to discover the new LG 38 inch monitor to see if it ticks my boxes, I work directly on my MacBook Pro while using my 12.9 inch iPad Pro as second monitor on my left (using Sidecar), while my iPhone sits on a wireless charging stand on my right. That means I have three Apple screens in front of me, and all three calendar and reminder alerts appear.

It is very good. Since I could only be in front of one of them at any given time, this is how it should work. What is wrong is that dismissing the alert on one device does not do it for others. So when I receive an alert, I use the trackpad to reject the one for my Mac, then I go to the left to reject the one for my iPad, and finally I go to the right to reject the one for my iPhone.

It seems like a silly gap in the ecosystem. If this year’s macOS update is to be a “Snow Leopard”, more focused on bug fixes and tweaks than on the brilliant new features, it would be a good idea to add to the list.

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