Pushing the Boundaries: Announcing the Beer-Powered Motorcycle

Beer powered Motorcycle

When it comes to innovations, there are numerous different creations that can really change the world in a way that’s almost unrecognizable. Such could potentially be said for the creation of the very first motor-powered vehicles.

Chances are, though, that the original inventors of the motorcycle (and its steam-powered precursors) could never have anticipated that, one day, their beloved designs could even run on alcohol. In fact, for many people, this entire concept would be little more than a gimmick.

But, for one man from Minnesota, the chance of creating a beer-powered motorcycle was clearly too much of a drive to ignore – and now, Ky Michaelson has achieved this unique feat by creating his very own beer-powered motorcycle.

A Brief History of Motorcycles

Motorcycles have come a long way since their very earliest inceptions. Perhaps the earliest example of a system that could be considered a motorcycle was the steam-powered bicycle, which appeared in the mid-nineteenth century roughly. While this wasn’t necessarily a true motorcycle, it undoubtedly offered the perfect way forward for the technology to evolve and grow.

However, it was when the internal combustion engine kicked off that the concept of a motorcycle also grew. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this would have a marked impact on international demand for not only motor vehicles but also motorcycles. However, one factor remained constant: they didn’t run on household alcohol.

Looking to New Fuel Sources

The idea of running vehicles on alcohol and other such products is nothing new; in fact, it’s a relatively common joke in many franchises. However, th

Of course, it’s worth noting that Ky Michaelson’s beer-powered motorcycle isn’t the first in its niche. Indeed, there are actually many different green-energy vehicles that run on food waste. What’s more, these days, even McDonalds is getting on board with the new innovations with their fleet of bio-diesel powered trucks.

However, the arrival of the beer-powered motorcycle is definitely an exciting innovation. This isn’t the first time that he has made a new innovation, either; indeed, he even managed to set a Guinness World Record for his creation of a rocket-powered snowmobile, and this has helped spur his latest development to new heights as well.

One of the most interesting things about the new beer-powered motorcycle has to be the fact that its creator doesn’t actually drink alcohol. Naturally, this makes beer an easy contender for use in the motorcycle, but as was also noticed, it could technically work with many other beverages too.

Future Uses for the Beer-Powered Motorcycle

In terms of the main anticipated uses for the motorcycle, it’s likely that the bike won’t ever be used on a wide scale, and the inventor is mainly planning to use it once then retire it into his own in-house museum of inventions.

Nevertheless, if this new design does anything, it goes to prove that even the seemingly wackiest of ideas, with the right technology, can come to life, and who knows – maybe one day, beer-powered autos will become a much more common feature in our day to day lives.

Pushing boundaries isn’t limited to beer-powered motorcycles; in the world of beverages, Starbucks also makes waves with new plans for drink packaging.

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