Portelli has high hopes for the return of Parche

“In her first attempt she was just fat, the second attempt I said to [Jockey] James [McDonald] to turn her off and then turn her on and see how she was doing.”

She prevailed over three lengths in a 1200-meter trial against her opponent as she went outside, and that could be a preview of what to expect on race day after pulling what some poor Would keep alley.

Parche opened a solid favorite despite the extreme outer barrier, but Portelli believes this is an advantage for them and it’s up to McDonald to drive them home.

An inner alley shook her debut on August 28 when Parche was buried on the fence near the stern before exiting late and finishing fourth behind Just Thinkin ‘and Hulk.

“I will not give instructions, he has ridden her enough to know what is under the hood and hopefully she can do the rest,” said Portelli. “We don’t want to be in horses with this big galloping action she has. There is no panic, she can get straight down 10 without looking like she is approaching a horse and just being where she is feels good.

“There’s no hurry. If she’s good enough, she’ll pick her up.”

If the foal has a kryptonite, it is her habit to get excited before starting a race.

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