Penalty rate cuts result in $ 50 million wage cuts

Mr. Stanford said when partial holidays for Christmas Eve in the Northern Territory, Queensland and South Australia and New Year’s Eve in the Northern Territory and South Australia were taken into account, the total wage loss due to the reduction in vacation penalties was estimated to be more than $ 50 million.

He estimated that an additional $ 13 million in wages would be lost on work on Sunday, December 29.

Dr. Jim Stanford, economist and director of the Center for Future Work at the Australia Institute.

Mr. Stanford said a weakening economy, general pessimism about a possible recession next year, and the negative shock of the bushfires have taken the wind out of consumer spending.

“It was already a very bleak Christmas season for consumer spending,” said Stanford.

“Withdrawing $ 63 million in income from some of the poorest and most insecure workers in the economy as a whole can only make matters worse.

“We are witnessing the impact of negative economic, labor and environmental policies, all of which culminate in a brutal Christmas season for Australian retailers.”

Innes Willox, general manager of the Australian industry group, said the independent fair work commission had decided that earlier rates were found to be slightly unfair in their opinion.

“It is the employers who were the most disadvantaged by the penalty fees payable in the Christmas / New Year period, not the workers,” said Willox.

Innes Willox, managing director of the Australian industry group.

“The Queensland government’s decision to proclaim an additional holiday on Christmas Eve resulted in significant cost increases for thousands of employers.

“A detailed analysis by Ai Group showed that the estimated cost impact on the Christmas Eve holiday in Queensland was up to $ 410 million due to additional labor costs alone.”

Jo-anne Schofield, national president of the United Workers Union, said that hospitality workers who work hard to ensure that others can enjoy New Year’s Day get millions of dollars deducted from their salary packages every holiday.

“Public holiday penalties are reasonable compensation for workers who do not spend time with the family during the holidays. These penalties are used by hospitality workers to cover normal household expenses,” she said.

“As millions of fines continue to be taken from workers each vacation, they spend less on helping local businesses.”

Anna Patty is an editor for the Sydney Morning Herald. She is a former education editor, government political reporter and health reporter.

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