Parents hit train bosses after their children face fines and lawsuits

Parents beat up bosses after their children were fined and threatened with legal action for failing to receive promises of coupons.

Hundreds of readers recently contacted the Express to say that they were bizarrely fined when they were in line to buy a ticket in Leeds.

Hundreds of people contacted the Express about the problem on the railroad.

Northern has claimed to be trying to kill fare weakeners.

However, the company has been harshly criticized for pulling people out of the queues to buy a ticket in Leeds and imposing a £ 20 fine.

However, some even said that their children, who were often traveling alone, were deliberately targeted, including children aged 14 and over.

Amanda Dixon said: “This happened to my 14 year old daughter who didn’t know the promise to pay and went to the checkout.

“They were assisted by a male employee who fined them for wanting to pay and even told them that if they didn’t pay the fine, they could go to court.”

Mark Crossley said, “I only had to pay my son’s fine after he and his 14-year-old boyfriend were fined for it. If he doesn’t pay, he can go to court and go to jail.”

Diane Richards said her 14-year-old daughter had been upset after her fine last May and hasn’t been on the train since.

But Northern remains defiant in her approach, saying that they don’t target specific groups and “don’t try to apply fines for no reason.”

They insist that customers always receive a promise to pay voucher from the machine.

They say customers who feel they are wrongly fined can appeal, but many have turned to the Express to say that their appeals have simply been denied.