Oops! NBA Star Jamal Murray is the * * Tape Runner and his girlfriend starts “Please remove it”

Jamal Murray Sex Tape Leaks On Instagram

Earlier today, Denver Nuggets point guard Jamal Murray’s Instagram account became the talk of social media. NSFW video of Murray and his girlfriend Harper Hempel has been posted on his Instagram story. Four random photos were also posted to Murray’s Instagram account and have since been deleted, but not before thousands of people saw him.

Jamal Murray has apologized on Twitter, saying he was hacked

First of all I want to apologize to my fans. My account was hacked, currently working on the issue. Thank you 🙏🏽

– Jamal Murray (@ BeMore27) March 22, 2020

Murray was quick to apologize to his fans on Twitter saying his “account was hacked”. The apology came less than 45 minutes after the video was posted to her Instagram story. He temporarily deleted his Instagram while “working on the matter.”

His Instagram is now backing up and it works.

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People on Twitter continued to share the video even after it was taken

Although the video was deleted, several people on Twitter continued to share screen shots of it. This prompted Hempel to send a tweet saying “if you have the video, delete it.”

Since then, Hempel’s Twitter account has been private. And while the video was on for less than an hour, people kept talking and joking about it on Twitter hours later.

Others joked that Denver Nuggets staff would have their hands full to deal with the consequences of the video.

Some people weren’t convinced that their Instagram was hacked. They think Murray posted the video alone.

But regardless of whether or not Murray’s Instagram was hacked, many have come to realize that Murray and Hempel seem not to practice social spacing during the coronavirus outbreak.

I saw Jamal Murray make a trend, I thought he caught the rona but never cared. You are definitely not distancing yourself properly. 😂 pic.twitter.com/y4vaDxPEEm

– OKC THUNDER! ⚡️40-24 (@ cory_c_22) March 22, 2020

Another tweet read “it looks like Jamal Murray and his girlfriend were not socially distancing.” Social distancing suggests that people should be at least six feet away from each other to prevent the spread of coronavirus, and government officials are urging people of its importance. Obviously, Murray and Hempel were extremely close to the video.

well, it seems that Jamal Murray and his girlfriend were not socially distanced😳

– youssef barsoum (@ YoussefB22) March 22, 2020

This video leak comes after the NBA season was postponed due to several players contracting coronaviruses.