Numbers Show Younger Adults Becoming More Prone to Colorectal Cancer

Cancer is undoubtedly one of the most significant challenges of our modern society. Annually, around 230,000 new cases are diagnosed in Canada alone, and a further two million in the United States. And, though the standard of treatment is improving, this doesn’t mean the entire situation is necessarily positive.

Overall, the statistics appear to show a worrying trend. Indeed, as warned by Yale Medicine, colorectal cancer is increasing among young people. As such, the importance of recognizing the warning signs cannot be stressed highly enough – although this is one issue that often still goes overlooked.

The Prevalence of Colorectal Cancer Among Young Adults

Colorectal cancer is rising among young adults. Unfortunately, this is something that often goes overlooked, leaving young people at significant risk of developing the condition unknowingly.

Unfortunately, there may be numerous reasons contributing to this increasing prevalence of bowel cancer in younger generations. The jury is still out for a true consensus. However, according to CBC, the scientific community has proposed several possible explanations. These include:

  • Increases in sedentary lifestyles and/or obesity
  • Reduced consumption of fresh produce
  • Heightened reliance on ultra-processed foods
  • Growing prevalence of chronic inflammation
  • Higher reliance on antibiotics and chemical compounds

Though the exact cause remains elusive, it has been suggested that all of the aforementioned could contribute. In any scenario, though, it still remains crucial to get diagnosed for colorectal cancer early. Doing so can help halt the disease’s progression and boost recovery chances.

Recognizing the Signs

The symptoms of bowel cancer are not always obvious. This can leave many people overlooking their initial signs as being less severe.

The most obvious symptom that most people will experience is loose stools. This may often be coupled with abdominal pain and discomfort. As the condition progresses, blood in the stool may become more frequent and more noticeable.

Along with these symptoms, it’s worth being aware of other common signs. Many people will feel incredibly fatigued. Moreover, some people may feel as if their bowels haven’t emptied fully.

Final Thoughts

Colorectal cancer isn’t necessarily well-recognized; however, it is one of Canada’s most prominent forms of cancer. Indeed, around 11% of all deaths come from this form. Nonetheless, while the vast

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