Niall Horan performs “Dear Patience” on Tonight Show | Video

Niall Horan performs

Niall Horan is one of the many celebrities who bring us joy into the world of worry about coronavirus. On Wednesday, the 26-year-old singer made a special appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s home edition of The Tonight Show. Horan talked video calls from his London apartment with Fallon about his work with Meals on Wheels to help bring food to the elderly, who are especially sensitive to COVID-19.

“They can’t leave their homes,” Horan said. “When you are a certain age, you are told to stay completely at home. My grandmother, for example, she is 89. My family members talk to her through the window, on her phone and things like that … I have the means to get in the elevator, and my one time I go out for a day is to go to the supermarket. Some people don’t have that.

To encourage people to donate to the charity, Horan sang a live release of “Dear Patience” from his latest album, Heartbreak weather. And even through video chats, it was a charming achievement. We can crawl for hours and stream a guitar against a background of setting sun. (By “can” we mean “we have.”) Watch his interview with Fallon and his acoustic set in the clip above!