Morgan creates the last few stairs chassis plus 4 before turning on the coronavirus

Morgan creates the last few stairs chassis plus 4 before turning on the coronavirus

Despite the fact that he was forced to close up shop in the United Kingdom for one month due to the pandemic coronavirus, Morgan still managed to build the last few stair landing gear at the plant Pickersleigh Road Plus 4 to 70 years.

New machines with a limited edition will be built with an entirely new model “Plus Four” with BMW, and all 20 of them have already been allocated to customers who have paid 60.995 pounds (73,000 dollars) for questioning the price.

Each of the anniversary models will be individually numbered, which will be reflected plate. Other news – platinum metallic paint, embroidered headrests and more.

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Plus 4 70th anniversary edition will be the last Morgan, which will be built on a traditional chassis frame, car manufacturers, the version that is used from the time of Morgan 4-4 was first introduced in 1936. However, the tablet Plus 4 debuted in 1950.

Uladalnaya design company company also gave this anniversary model satin dark gray drotnyya wheels, front suspension, inspired by motor sports, outdoor black bag, as well as exclusive leather for the interior. The latter is the instrument panel of veneer, dark gray carpet weaving, lighting for the feet, heated seat “Performance”, satin black steering wheel Mota-Lita, steering wheel steering cover and door handles, cover with a hood mohair and packages for storage screen.

“It was fantastic to watch the completion of the production of the first models Plus 4 70th anniversary. They are the latest models of the steel chassis, and we are pleased to be able to mark this significant milestone in this way. This is a very difficult moment, because the first generation model CX-Plus the Four built with the end-steel chassis Plus 4. We believe that the two models are the true qualities of a sports car Morgan “, – Steve Morris said Chairman and CEO of Morgan.

As for what he can do on the road, the engine was reformed Aero Racing, increasing the capacity from 154 hp (156 hp) to 180 hp (182 hp), so the car occupies 0-62 km / h (100 km / s). h) time to less than seven seconds. Other performance improvements include sports vyhlapnik Aero Racing, ceramic black back-finished pipe.

“As a design team that created the Plus 4 edition of the 70th anniversary, our goal was to create a classic look, but one that shows the meaning of what it represents. The combination of premium colors, quality materials and exquisite detail captures the essence of the venerable Morgan Plus 4, and provides membership in a steel chassis that was its foundation after the launch in 1950, “- said Jonathan Wells, head of Morgan design.

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