Peony has been called “the king of flowers”. In addition to its ornamental value, it is of good medicinal value, too. Peony has the function of regulating menstruation and invigorating blood circulation. For menstruation irregularities and abdominal pain, one can take peony and safflower water. Abdominal pain during menstruation due to blood stasis can also go for it. In addition, the mixture of peony, lingering fragrance and spikenard power with a ratio of 10:1:1 can be put into a gauze bag that can serve as an air refresher. Wine brewed with peony can be a supreme nourishing beverage with the function of brightening the eyes and refreshing the mind. In fact, the peony bark is mostly used for medicine. It has a cooling effect which can expel the internal heat and can be served as auxiliary treatment for hypertension.