If you have your eyes on a car that is too expensive for you to get, you should think tactfully. Who says that you get a brand new car, you can go for a second hand car?There are many people who drive really luxurious cars and they brag about it. Of course, who knows that they have owned that car second hand? Of course, neither you nor anyone other third person can judge it right? In the same way, if you get a car that is really expensive for you to buy and you see that you cannot afford it in next few years for sure; you need to go for second hand option. There are options in luxurious cars that are available at a price that is much less than the brand new car price. The point is, the moment a brand new car gets out of a showroom, it loses its brand new pricing; and hence, the price drops to a great extent. So, since you are getting the second hand car, you would get the car at a cheaper rate for sure. Hence, you can fulfil your dream of driving a luxurious car that you always wanted.