Making Vodka Cranberry Even Easier

One of the most enjoyed drinks worldwide is vodka cranberry. Let’s be honest – finding the ideal combinations for your cocktails can seem hard. However, considering that around three-quarters of people in the US consider high-quality drinks to be one of the most pivotal parts of their drinking habits, the importance of starting with much-loved cocktails is crucial. One of the most enjoyed drinks worldwide is vodka cranberry.

In line with this, knowing about some of the much-loved classics, such as vodka cranberry, can be a great way to boost any party. But, for those who struggle to whip together the perfect vodka cranberry, there’s set to be a new option on the block: a canned vodka cranberry cocktail from Ocean Spray and Absolut.

Who Are Ocean Spray and Absolut?

First of all, we need to briefly consider who Ocean Spray and Absolut are. Indeed, the partnership between these two brands wouldn’t seem like a natural choice at the outset – but it makes a lot of sense when considering the nature of their combined product.

First up, Ocean Spray is a cooperative of over seven hundred North American cranberry farmers; in line with this, their range has traditionally focused exclusively on cranberry-based products. More recently, however, the firm has also begun to grow its product line to include other fruit juices and snacks, such as blueberry juice and fruit and nut snacks; and now, it seems like dabbling in alcoholic beverages is also of interest.

Meanwhile, Absolut is a much-loved Swedish brand and supplier of premium-quality Vodka solutions, launched in 1979 at a New Orleans trade fair. The brand creates numerous different types of vodkas that have helped set it apart from the crowd. It’s also well known for its cocktails range, adding credence to the new product.

Creating Canned Vodka Cranberry

As far as cocktails go, vodka cranberry wouldn’t usually be an obvious choice for a canned beverage since it’s so easy to make on its own. Still, the partnership between Absolut and Ocean Spray no doubt puts this project in the best hands.

One of the key differentiators about the new canned vodka cranberry has to be its focus on using real, authentic cranberry juice – not just flavorings. While this might increase the price of the final product somewhat, it could definitely help establish the product as a new customer favorite.

When Will the New Canned Cocktail Hit the Shelves?

Unfortunately, if a canned, ready-to-go vodka cranberry sounds good to you, there’s still a little bit of a wait. Indeed, while Ocean Spray and Absolut are both leaders in their respective fields, product development is always a lengthy process. As such, the new cans aren’t likely to hit the shelves until at least early 2024. Once they do arrive, they’ll be available as single cans or in 4-packs and 8-packs.

Still, for those not wanting to miss out in the interim, creating a homemade vodka cranberry with just a couple of ingredients and a little creativity is still possible. It’s actually one of the simplest cocktails to make, so even if you’re not a natural at making drinks, this might be one recipe that’s well worth a go.

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