Lays’ Brand New Summer Sandwiches Announcement

When it comes to chips, few brands offer quite the same quality as Lays. Indeed, this massive household name has rapidly grown to become one of the leading providers of premium-quality chips, with their classic flavor staples being some of the most adored options on the market.

In fact, statistics suggest that the brand accounts for around forty percent of the total market. That’s no small figure – and it’s perhaps the brand’s innovative approach to chip-making that’s helped cement them as such an iconic name. Accordingly, with the summer weather just starting to show, there’s rarely a better time than now for the brand to announce the release of three exciting – but perhaps a little bit wacky – new flavors.

A Summertime Tradition

It’s not uncommon for Lays to try their hand at chip flavors that are a little off the beaten path – and this year is no exception. This experimental approach to product development is actually something of a tradition for the brand, though, with past years seeing plenty of new flavors themselves.

For example, in 2016, the brand went for an international approach with Chinese Szechuan, Brazilian Picanha, Greek Tzatziki, and Indian Tikka Masala options. Meanwhile, just a few years ago, Wavy Jerk Chicken, Chile Mango, and Summer BLT made themselves known to a 2021 audience. However, for this year, the brand’s taking a slightly different theme: sandwiches.

It might not seem like an obvious choice of theme for summertime, but there’s a lot potentially to love about this new combo. And, after all, chip sandwiches aren’t an uncommon thing, even if not quite the norm. So, why not go all out with actual chip sandwich flavors?

What New Flavors are on Offer?

Currently, there are three new limited-edition chip flavors on offer for the summer that are almost certainly going to divide opinion (as these things so often do). First up, there’s the Buffalo chicken option, which features tastes of zesty buffalo sauce and strong cheese flavors. Next up, the Wavy Cuban Sandwich is packed with cheddar cheese and pork flavors. And, finally, the BLT has to be the most iconic option, with smoky bacon and tomato notes.

How well these sandwiches will be received is yet to be known – but considering that the BLT is loved by around 69% of Americans, there’s a pretty good chance the new options will go down well if Lays has got the flavor combos right.

Finding Lays’ New Summer Sandwich Flavors

If you’d like to try the exciting new sandwich-themed options for your next bag of chips, there’s good news: though they’re limited edition, they shouldn’t be too hard to find. Retailers across the country are expected to stock the chips and should already be waiting on supermarket shelves for curious shoppers to try.

However, there’s a good chance they could sell out quickly, as is often seen with Lays’ new limited-time options. So, for any shoppers wanting to give the chips a try, getting to the local store ASAP might not be a bad shout.

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