Lamar Jackson seeks trade from Ravens

Contract negotiations between quarterback Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens have been rocky. In the latest chapter, Jackson has requested a trade from the team. The timing of Jackson’s announcement coincided with coach John Harbaugh speaking to reporters at the NFL’s yearly meeting.

Harbaugh remained optimistic about Jackson and indicated the Ravens’ offense is still being built around Jackson. The Ravens put a nonexclusive franchise tag on Jackson early in March, and the Ravens have five days to match any offer should Jackson sign an offer sheet. If the Ravens choose not to match, they will get two first-round draft picks. Should Jackson not receive an offer sheet, he would earn over $32 million playing under the tag.

Harbaugh indicated that he hasn’t spoken with Jackson about whether he’d play under the tag but still is hopeful that Jackson will be the team’s starting quarterback to begin the 2023 season.

The Ravens offered Jackson $200 million in total guarantees if he’s on the roster by the fifth day of the 2026 league year, but Jackson turned the offer down last September. The lucrative offer would have been the second highest behind Deshaun Watson.

Things have gone so sour between Jackson and the Ravens that he hasn’t discussed contract situations since the first week of last season and hasn’t peeped a word to reporters since three weeks before Christmas.

There’s no questioning Jackson’s playmaking abilities and the success he’s had with the Ravens. Baltimore is 45-16 over the past five seasons with Jackson under center, which ranks fourth in the NFL since the Super Bowl era. In addition, Jackson was NFL MVP in 2019.

How much does Jackson mean to the Ravens? The team is a paltry 3-9 without him in the lineup.

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