Kate McKay: The Power of Choosing an Immovable Truth

Often, many of us do not speak our truth until the truth becomes too great to bear. Everyone needs their feeling acknowledged. We all want to be valued and recognized for the person we are. Choosing to stand in your immovable truth means that you have the freedom to express who you really are without the fear of judgment. Kate McKay, Founder and CEO of Siena Strategy Partners, is a facilitator, podcaster, and certified high-performance coach who has helped enthusiastic clients achieve their highest potential by standing in what they believe.

Speaking the truth is about expressing what we feel and think is authentic to us in a transparent and vulnerable way. Many of us find it hard to express our authentic selves with several social constructs imposed on us. “Being honest and being able to speak your truth takes courage, right? So, if we have the right tools, we are able to figure out how to navigate, be honest, and be present, and life becomes way easier. When you understand your fears, embracing them and moving forward becomes easier,” explains McKay.

Standing for your immovable truth leads to self-realization and clarity, which can often lead others around you to do the same. We dare to take full ownership of our actions and their consequences. We are not easily swayed or pushed into other people’s beliefs once we are clear about what we want. “The number one habit for high performers is clarity,’’ states Kate. 

We can also influence the people around us, creating a counter-culture that often contributes to the feeling of achievement. We can influence others because we are willing to speak out on things most people are uncomfortable with. We are ready to be judged for standing for what we believe in and the shame often associated with the truth. Standing for our truth is a power no one can ever take away from you. Kate says, “It is easy to get confused by people’s judgment of you, but you will never regret standing for your truth.’’

Kate McKay is a high-performance coach who found a sweet spot in coaching ambitious men and women to achieve their highest potential. After her chaotic upbringing, she started competing in fitness competitions to remain focused and productive. Once she left the fitness industry, she built a successful career in coaching and mentoring by utilizing her superpower of being able to talk to anybody. “I come across as a super casual person, and this makes it easy for people to open up to me. I can get janitors and CEOs to open up to me easily. I mean, I am immovable in my belief, integrity, and standing in front of people. I’m pretty fearless,” McKay states.

“We must be willing to express and speak our truth to be fully seen and heard. By choosing to stand in your truth, you get to build immeasurable confidence to deal with all that life throws at you. It is also the best way to feel valued and acknowledged by the people we surround ourselves with,” concludes McKay.

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