Jared Kushner's embarrassing 'Time' cover inspires many jokes about robots and puppets

Jared Kushner’s latest time cover made everyone ask the same question: Are you moving at all, brother?

On the cover of the January 27 issue of Time, Kushner – Ivanka Trump’s husband, the man with the surprising Muppet voice and the guy supposedly responsible for Donald Trump’s re-election campaign – can be seen with his legs slightly apart and his arms resting on his Pages. Sounds normal, but somehow it doesn’t look like it.

The photo taken by Stefan Ruiz accompanies a Brian Bennett article entitled “Inside Jared Kushner’s Unusual Role in the White House,” which details Kushner’s responsibilities in Washington, DC, and his new job in overseeing Trump’s 2020 campaign plans.

The photo inspires people to make fun of Kushner because he looks like a robot in need of a battery change, or a new political Ken Doll that just comes out of the box, or a wax figure of himself or like a corpse, which was properly supported against a wall.

As soon as the time cover was shared on social media, people started comparing Kushner’s confusing demeanor to puppets and Sims characters. It wasn’t long before Twitter was filled with Kushner’s jokes.

According to reports, Jared skipped the NSC meetings in the middle of the Iran crisis to pose for this photo of a real nutcracker character https://t.co/AFTbDfcCg4

– Tommy Vietor (@ TVietor08), January 16, 2020

Jared Kushner will likely need to sit down to recover from reading these tweets. We sincerely hope that he can.