Is love really pregnant with Joe's baby in your second season?

By Jo Berry

Season 2 of the serial killer drama They ended up with a shock twist when it turned out that Love (Victoria Pedretti), the girlfriend of the serial killer Joe (Penn Badgley), was also adept at sending people to stand in her way.

She lied because she killed Brother Forty’s au pair and even convinced Forty – and everyone else – that he did the gruesome act. But what was she lying about?

When Joe, captured by Love, tries to overpower her to escape his cage, she touts that she is pregnant with her baby. A look back at the end of the last episode shows love with a visible baby bump. So the pregnancy is probably real – but who can say that Joe is the baby daddy?

Remember that when Love and Joe were separated, Love had an argument with Milo, her late husband’s muscular best friend. So it’s just as likely that Milo is the father as Joe.

SHE Tyler Golden / Netflix

She only tells Joe that he is the father to save her own life, but time – and a DNA test if Joe is suspected – might reveal whether she’s telling the truth. And that may not end well for anyone.

At the end of the novel Hidden Bodies, on which the second season of You is based, Joe is arrested and sent to prison, but in the television series he’s in another type of prison, one of domestic bliss and white fences.

While fans speculate as to who Joe’s closest neighbor / obsession could be, this is an undead Beck, Joe’s own mother (this proposal is too scary for us) and Dr. Nicky’s vengeful woman – perhaps the more relevant question for a season’s three-story twist is this:

If Joe finds out he’s not the father, will he kill Love and escape the suburban nightmare he’s trapped in? Or will Love Joe murder to protect herself and the baby she wants so badly?

Now that you’ve confirmed a third season, hopefully it won’t be long before we find out.

Your second season is now on Netflix