Is Britney Spears the fastest man on the planet?

Britney Spears

Again, the world is skeptical of Britney Spears. If there is a pop star on the planet who deserves more respect for his name, it is the woman who gave us more than 10 years of bangers while fighting against the rampant misogyny of the early music industry, but the world is in arms after a complaint Spears made on Instagram on Wednesday.

“I ran my first 5,” wrote the 38-year-old pop singer. “Overcoming your fear of pushing it at the start is key. Once I did that, I hit 5. Usually I roll 6 or 7. My first try was 9 and now I did it, whoop !!! 100-meter dashboard 🏃🏼‍♀️🌸💕😉 !!!!! ”

As many quickly realized, Spears’ 100m in 5.97 seconds would mean breaking Usain Bolt’s previous record in 9.58 seconds. For the context, Spears even approaching a dash of nine seconds and 100 meters is scientifically unlikely at this time in human existence, not to mention beating him by 3.61 seconds.

“To arrive at what would be needed for nine dishes, they would need to approach forces about six times their body weight and a ground contact time of just over seven hundredths of a second,” said Peter Weyand, a biochemist at Wired in 2018. “If you bring a perfect human and the perfect race together, I could certainly see something in the low range of 9.40 seconds, maybe a little faster than that, under current legal conditions.”

For what it’s worth, Spears participated in a grueling training program and studied the most famous speedster in the animal kingdom. “The cheetah is a big African cat,” Spears wrote on IG in early March. “He doesn’t speak English but can travel more than 60 mph lol. In other words, don’t mess with the cat.”

Before judging Britney’s perception of his speed, it is important to measure what is being measured. “When we talk about something that is fast, it is really not clear if you are talking about the total time, the total time it takes to perform the movement, the speed at which it was executed and the ‘acceleration at which it happened’, Sheila Patek, a biologist explained to Fast Company when discussing the speed of animals like the cheetah. “Each of these things means very different things.”

Unfortunately, we don’t know how Spears measures his speed, the conditions in which he runs and the composition of his sneakers and clothes, which can all have an impact on this last time. Because of these variables, Rolling Stone cannot fully exclude Spears’ original claim. However, he cannot confirm it either. This investigation was unsuccessful.