Ikea smart blinds hit by `` technical problems '' with HomeKit support

Ikea smart blinds are experiencing “technical problems” with HomeKit support, which arrived in the United States just two weeks ago …


Taking charge of Ikea HomeKit was not exactly the sweetest of rides with light bulbs or blinds.

Ikea launched its own smart bulbs for the first time in May 2017, promising then that they would benefit from HomeKit support by the summer. That did not happen, and the company then promised it for the fall. He finally arrived in November.

Things were even worse with its smart blinds. Ikea first announced affordable blinds in September 2018, with an approximate price revealed in November of the same year. In January 2019, we were announced their launch in February in Europe and in April in the United States, with the support of HomeKit. Neither of them happened.

In June 2019, Ikea announced that the product would be launched in August. It happened, but not the promised HomeKit support. In October, Ikea said it would be added by the end of the year and in December it would be 2020.

HomeKit finally started rolling out in the United States this month, with early practice giving it a boost.

IKEA smart blinds can also be integrated into HomeKit stages and automations. For example, you can automatically open and close the blinds at sunrise and sunset every day. By integrating IKEA blinds into HomeKit scenes, you can have them closed automatically during a “movie night” scene, for example.

Overall, HomeKit Authroity praised the integration of IKEA’s smart blinds with HomeKit and said that performance with the Home app is much better than with IKEA’s Home Smart app for iOS. You can read the full practical post here. IKEA smart blinds area available with limited availability in retail stores.

Latest Ikea smart blinds

However, it seems that the problems persist. When a British owner asked Ikea why HomeKit support hadn’t been added in the UK, the company said it was due to “technical issues” with the US deployment.

Hello, due to some technical issues with the latest update released in the United States, we had to delay deploying this update within the EU until these issues are resolved. We currently have no date for this, but our team is working on it. Thanks, Jamie

– IKEA UK Support (@IKEAUKSupport) January 15, 2020

No details have been provided on the nature of the problem and the company is unable to say when it will be resolved.

If you have Ikea smart blinds, have you encountered problems with their control via Siri or in the Home app? Please let us know in the comments.

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