I am a Tall Dude who needs something small and easy to park! What car should you buy?

I am a Tall Dude who needs something small and easy to park! What car should you buy?

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Jake lives in San Francisco, where the park is challenging because he wants a compact city car that can slip into tight spaces, but there’s only one problem: He’s 6 “.” Most things feel a little claustrophobic to him. What car was to buy?

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Here’s the scenario:

Parking in San Francisco, you see two things: Tiny parking lots between highways and people who don’t gather all the way forward when parking parallel to make efficient use of space. My priority is the ease of parking * road * above all the rest and maybe something interesting to drive, but my problem is that, at least in the US, small vehicles are almost always exceptional cars both in price and quality .

I’d like something that feels higher quality than the one you get from a Kia Rio or a Ford Fiesta, and an interior that’s not full of buttons. I will never use it like you would on a Volvo C30 or Lexus CT200h.

I’m almost always alone, and because of my height (6’5 “) I might not even have a seat in the back, since no one with my legs is going behind me.

Others have said that cars like the Mustang, Passat, Camry, CR-V, or CX-5 would be better for me, but I think these are too big, hard to see outside or no (choose two, are they? right?). Is there anything that feels luxurious and minimalist, but small? I can spend up to $ 35,000.

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Quick facts:

Budget: Up to $ 35,000

Daily Drivers: Yes

Location: San Francisco

Would like: Small, Easy To Park, Upscale

Does not want: Something too big

Expert 1: Tom McParland – Listen …

I already hear the comments. “The guy is 6” 5 and do you recommend a Mini? “But I have some very good observational evidence for that. I have a 2004 Mini Cooper and I’m a very average 5’10.” At one point, I had to push the car and I went to my local inspection station, the guy who was in charge of driving the car went from a medium height or no width, it was big and probably was at least 6 ‘ 5. . “Anyway, I get out of the car, and he looks at me and says, ‘I don’t think I can stay there.’ I take the seat down to the lowest point and he gives the hops about an inch. from the living room to sweep, he looks for her and says, “Eh, not bad.”

The 2004 Mini has been smaller than they currently are, so I figure with the right seat configurations you have to do well. The Mini is a great city car for widening roads and unlocking in tight places. Since it’s made by BMW, it gives a more “high quality” feel than most compact ones, but it’s mostly because it’s not economical. However, like BMW, these hard-wearing and slightly used examples with great warranty may be possible for great value, such as this 2019 Cooper S 2-door with less than 4,000 miles for less than $ 25,000

Expert 2: Jason Torchinsky – How Does The Infinite Auditor Look At You?

It must be absolutely clear and in front of you that they are not qualified to make this call for you, since they are quite brief and completely unknown to Long Daddies fights like yourself, you high freakish monsters. Not great, though! And I think, Jake, you have to think about this in terms of how you feel in the car. You will not be happy if you all feel compelled, so why put everything away? Why not get a car with endless room? Why not, I ask, get a Honda Beat?

Honda’s little battle is a marvelous kei class, a fun little roadster with 660cc of raw fuel, rocking 64 horsepower. The thing is nimble and lithe, and can park in a place that would make the shy Smart Car drivers furrow their browses and pass.

It would be a perfect car from San Francisco. Knocked around, slip into small bumps that no one would dare try, and you’ll find yourself excused to train the little bastard on the Lombard road.

Sure, it’s tiny, but our former master blogger Patrick Patrick George drove one around with no problems whatsoever, and with the top on top, it’ll be like a pair of 64hp pants, and heaven will be your head. , the sun or moon your light dome, the horizon your dashboard.

When the top is on top, maybe you will feel a little tight, but maybe you can have a custom cupcake sewn in?

Our pal Gary Duncan has a lot of these, starting at about $ 6,000 and raising up to more than $ 20,000. The one in the middle, like this $ 11,900 one with only 22,500 miles on it seems like a great choice, and I’m partial to the yellow itself.

Expert 3: Kristen Lee – You can have room and fun

Jake, my man, I can’t say how happy it makes me feel if someone is looking for a small car for a change. The rest of America seems to be infested with taking up as much space as possible with these stupid SUVs, littered with dirt tanks. You will be able to get rid of them all, and park where they cannot. There is a potential for that.

As the complete opposite of a Long Essence, I can’t really relate, unfortunately. But, I can say that, after driving and staying in a Hyundai Veloster N, it is a car that has a lot of front-seat and extremely small exterior seating, making it easy to sit and just park.

But it’s not the only reason to get a Veloster N. The car is fun as fuck, a favorite personalized favorite in these parts. It gets a small motor that begs to be stolen and a snappy six-speed manual. The days of Korean cars rudely labeled “shitboxes” are over. Obviously, the interior is not Mercedes interior, but it is also well laid out and does not include a bunch of extra luggage that nobody uses.

And the beauty of it all? You can get this thing for, like, under $ 30,000. This is a steal in my book.

Expert 4: Erik Shilling – The answer is always appropriate

Photo: Honda

Hey Jake, as the tallest person in the Jalopnik staff (6’3 “) I can almost without reservation Honda Fit. I gave it a 2008 Fit and its not only spacious, but you can also fold the back seats for a Shocking amount of charging space. I can do that in 2020 Fit as well, but in the 12 years since they made my car it has been updated with things like a backup camera and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

You would probably have the Sport trim, which comes with the larger wheels and six-speed manual, which will set you back about $ 22,000 if you get the Honda Factory Performance package, reinforcing the suspension and adding a titanium shift knob.

If you really want the luxury, the EX-L trim has subdued leather seats and will stay well below $ 35,000. But each trim should fit your frame in the end.

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