Lavender Haze – How To Wear SS23’S Go-To Makeup Shade?

No one can deny that Veri Peri has been the go-to hue of summer 2022, and it looks like it’s here to stay. This season, fashionistas everywhere are taking their love for all things lavender one step further with Lavender Haze, a stunning purple-based shade that’s perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re going for a more natural look or want to make a bold statement, Lavender Haze is the perfect way to do it. 2023’s Golden Globes saw a variety of looks from stars rocking the hue, with Selena Gomez opting for a soft plum eyeshadow and Sheryl Lee Ralph working a royal purple tone to match her glittering gown.

While this was going on, House of the Dragon actress Emma D’Arcy dyed the tips of their pixie cut a lilac color and embraced the periwinkle color. There was a lot of purple beauty seen on the spring/summer 23 runways, including regal midnight purple lips at Versace, hazy lavender pigments at Etro, light-catching violet lids at Genny, and 1960s-inspired pale wisteria eyeliner at Paul & Joe. This shows that there are many different ways to incorporate color into your everyday makeup routine. Let’s take a look at how to pull off the Lavender Haze look so you can learn more about it.

How to Wear Purple Makeup to Achieve the Lavender Haze Look?

Nothing feels more luxurious than a swipe of purple eye shadow. To achieve the Lavender Haze look, start with a light base (in any shade) and build up to medium shades of purple. You can also add in some glittery hues for extra drama or use shimmery shades to give it a softer finish. For your cheeks, opt for a soft blush shade in the same family as your eyeshadow. To make your look pop, add a lilac lip or use light purple lipstick with an iridescent finish.

The MAC National Artist Carly Utting recommends layering different purple shades to help create a multi-dimensional look. To finish off the look, add some highlighter to your cheekbones and cupid’s bow for a radiant glow that will really bring out the beautiful hues of lavender you created.

How to Find the Right Shade Of Purple to Achieve the Lavender Haze Look?

The secret to perfecting the Lavender Haze look, as proclaimed by all professionals in the field of cosmetics, is to determine which hue of purple complements your complexion the best. For lighter complexion tones, go for a light violet or lavender color, whereas darker skin tones might benefit from deeper plum tints or even blackberry colors. The fact that purple looks well on people of all different skin tones unquestionably contributed to the color’s meteoric rise in popularity. According to Utting, “Purples may improve so many facets of someone’s look; depending on whatever shade or tint of purple you can allow for various results.”

Romy Soleimani, the Global Artist in Residence for Bobbi Brown, claims that applying a swipe of purple eyeshadow to the lids of our eyes helps any yellow and green tones in our eyes pop and that selecting certain shades based on the undertones of our skin will help to make the shade appear more defined. Both of these claims are supported by Romy Soleimani. Before committing 100 percent to the Lavender Haze color scheme, you should definitely give some thought to determining which shade complements your skin tone the most.

What to Wear with Purple Makeup to Achieve the Lavender Haze Look?

Spring is just around the corner, and with it, a major wardrobe revamp. To get the most out of your spring look, pair your Lavender Haze makeup with something that complements it best. For example, if you’re wearing a light purple eyeshadow, wear a dress in the same color family to complete the look.

Alternatively, if you’re wearing a deeper shade of purple, complement it with a vibrant top in any other color. A pair of jeans and trainers will give your look an effortless vibe, while strappy heels and jewelry can help to dress it up for going out. Thoughtfully pairing your purple makeup with the right pieces will help to create an overall look that is both beautiful and polished. Utting recommends “wearing silver and/or diamond jewelry with purple makeup for a truly stunning look.”

How to Make Purple Makeup Subtle To Achieve the Lavender Haze Look?

The runway presentations for Spring/Summer 23 made it abundantly obvious that the royal color is here to stay and shows no indications of disappearing any time in the near future. The use of purple makeup does not, fortunately, need one to be very daring or showy in order to appear fantastic. There are other, more understated ways to use the royal hue of eye makeup if you don’t feel comfortable with a smoky eye that makes a statement.

A timeless and stunning way to experiment with purple is using Bobbi Brown’s Cream Shadow Stick in Dusty Mauve or Violet Plum. Give your eyes a smear of purple along the lash line. Because they are so versatile and simple to combine, they are ideal for creating an understated but lovely appearance because of these qualities.

In a Nutshell

As was just seen, there is no shortage of creativity when it comes to donning the color royal. There are a lot of different ways to pull off the Lavender Haze look, regardless of whether you want to make a strong statement with smokey eyes or you want to opt for something more discreet. Find the shade of purple that goes best with your skin tone and combine it with an accessory that brings out the finest in your features for a look that is sure to turn heads. To round off the outfit, don’t forget to accessorize with some jewelry made of silver and/or diamonds. This spring, the Lavender Haze trend is a fun way to switch things up in the realm of cosmetics, so be creative and let your imagination run wild as you experiment with new looks!

After mastering how to wear SS23’s go-to makeup shade, consider making the switch to an eco-friendly beauty routine.

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